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Somewhere behind the wall of anxiety, stress, insecurity and self-doubt, is the real you. But you’re having a hard time finding her. Letting her out.

She feels trapped, scared, unfulfilled.

You know she’s in there, desperate to be unleashed, but you just aren’t sure where to find the key to unlock her passion and purpose.

Good news, friend. You’ve made it to the right place!

My name is Dr. Dee and I’m a Limitless Life Coach. For the past 5 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people stretch, grow and become better versions of themselves.

Come hang out with me and you’ll realize that the way you think is your only limit.

I believe that you deserve to experience a life full of purpose and passion… A life where you fully and authentically own your awesome and rise to your potential… A life where you ditch all that is holding you back from being truly present, fully yourself…  You too can have and create anything you want in life.  To truly live a YES life.

What’s a Yes Life?

What’s a YES Life? It’s that ideal life where you can say yes to all your heart’s desires; your secret wishes, dreams, and ambitions, and finally stop continually questioning their possibility.

It’s a life where there’s no limitations – no mental, emotional, physical, financial barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals. It’s your life, without limits!

I love few things more than helping people step into their GREATNESS.

Choose Your Own Adventure

I’m excited to show up and help people in a variety of ways…from creating a life they are excited to get out of bed for to learning to overcome the limitations of chronic illness, I’ve helped people overcome the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual barriers that are holding them back from creating and living a life without limits.

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You are worthy of living a life without limits. A life where you confidently scream YES to your dreams. You deserve to experience a life full of purpose and passion. A life where you fully and authentically own your awesome and rise to your potential.


If you’re ready to get your life back, to get out of bed feeling good, with all the energy and “spoons” to spare, we need to talk. NOW.   Your chronic illness doesn’t need to define you.  And it’s certainly not a life sentence. I want to show you how and why I know this to be true.


We’ll discover why you’re taking the action you are (or no action at all); what’s going on in your brain and why that’s making it hard to consistently make healthy decisions. I’ll teach you how to manage your mind so that you can easily put your health first.


I will motivate and inspire you while digging deep into your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from realizing your true potential. Our sessions will dive into progress between sessions, the barriers and obstacles encountered, create new objectives to focus on, and celebrate your successes.

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