Hi! I’m Dr. Dee Frayne and I want to help you GO ALL IN 

Get Out of Your Own Way. Unleash Your Potential.

Maximize Your Results. 


What’s a YES Life?

It’s that ideal life where you can say yes to all your heart’s desires; your secret wishes, dreams, and ambitions, and finally stop continually questioning their possibility.

It’s a life where there’s no limitations – no mental, emotional, physical, financial barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals. It’s your life, without limits!

Learn to Lead Your Brain

My YES Life coaching programs are designed to help you eliminate the mental chaos that is blocking you from living your best life. To help you learn to lead your brain so that you can create mental excellence, the foundation for goal achievement and high performance.

Creating mental excellence is the secret to:

  • Mastering your time and living intentionally
  • Feeling better more consistently
  • Enjoying stronger more fulfilling relationships
  • Making more money, landing more clients, while increasing your impact
  • Feeling confident, capable, and worthy
  • Prioritizing and maximizing physical wellness
  • Experiencing less stress, overwhelm, and frustration
  • Increasing confidence, capacity, and results

Embrace Your Inner Awesome

You deserve to experience a life full of purpose and passion… A life where you fully and authentically own your awesome and rise to your potential… A life where you ditch all that is holding you back from being truly present, fully yourself…  

Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure

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You are worthy of living a life without limits. A life where you confidently scream YES to your dreams. You deserve to experience a life full of purpose and passion. A life where you fully and authentically own your awesome and rise to your potential.


We’ll hold you accountable for creating change while digging deep into your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from realizing your true potential. Our sessions will dive into progress between sessions, the barriers and obstacles encountered, create new objectives to focus on, and celebrate your successes.

You too can have and create anything you want in life. To truly live a YES life.

Create Mental Excellence

Dr. Dee Frayne is a life coach who helps busy professionals eliminate the mental chaos that blocks goal achievement and high performance. By teaching busy professionals how to lead their brains they are able to achieve mental excellence and create a life without limits.

Dr. Dee is a results driven coach and uses evidence based research in her approach, program design and content. Her coaching strategy is grounded in solid research by the top scientists, psychologists, medical doctors and peak performance researchers. She has helped hundreds of clients and has more than 10,000 hours in 1:1 coaching experience. 



“Since working with Dr. Dee I am more willing to communicate and express my feelings. I have noticed that I am more open in a healthy way and willing to set boundaries for myself. My relationship with my fiancé has become better because I am more willing to be open and communicate with him. Dr. Dee is very upbeat and positive, I just adore her! Anyone going through a hard time and unsure where to begin a new path, or even someone with great skills in this area already but wants to upgrade their knowledge, needs to reach out to her! You won’t regret it!”


– Samantha Bricco, Skincare by Sami




“I really like how Dr. Dee helped me identify what was blocking me from reaching a higher level of success. She’s amazing at recognizing what are the right questions to ask based on the answers I give to help me get very clear on what’s going on. Then she’s great at walking me through making a plan to get to the next level.  I feel more focused and excited about implementing simple, small changes that are making significant differences. My productivity, my peace of mind and my excitement about my life are better than they’ve ever been. I feel so empowered to make a big step toward creating the life I want.”


– Liz Sears, My Utah Agents

“Before working with Dr. Dee I didn’t know if my concern had an actionable resolution. I immediately thought of Dr. Dee right after a difficult situation happened. Her name came to mind and there was peace. Even though I had not previously discussed things with her I knew by the way she carried herself and how she treated me and others in a public and private setting that she could be TRUSTED. You feel that calm come over you when you begin to engage with her. She is incredibly likeable instantly. Her directness when it was necessary. She told me what she told me with such power that I couldn’t dismiss it.”


– Kim Oliver

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Coaching is the Answer

What is a Life Coach? 

A life coach is an individual who has the knowledge, skills and training to help you maximize your full potential and create results in your life that are different than you would have experienced by default, without intervention. Read more…

What is the Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy?

The biggest distinction is that therapy is past focused and the goal is normal functioning, whereas coaching is future focused and the goal is unlocking your potential and maximizing your results. Read more…


How Can a Life Coach Help Me?

People usually decide to hire a coach when they realize that they want to uplevel in one or more areas of their lives. They have a vision of a better life or business, but haven’t been able to create that change on their own or are unsure where to start. Read more…

What’s it Like to Work With a Life Coach? 

Coaching is very active in comparison to therapy. It’s typically full of dynamic conversation, you’ll engage in a lot of questions to help uncover the root of the problem and the most impactful way to solve it. A coaching relationship creates a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can be truly seen, heard, understood and guided to your best self.  Read more…

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Why Do I Need a Coach? 

I believe that if you have a brain you need a life coach. The oldest part of our brain, which I like to call Survival Brain, has done an incredibly great job helping us evolve as a species.  But this primitive part of our brain is now holding us back in this modern world.

As we have evolved as a species, we have grown our Human Brain, which allows us to create goals, to desire change, to visualize a better future. And we often get super excited for this change and begin to move toward it. That is until Survival Brain throws all the shade when you try to change – self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fear and all the unhealed garbage in your life. And usually, Survival Brain creates enough discomfort that we give up, lose interest, or fail before we even start.

I help my clients learn how to lead their brains so they can ditch the mental chaos that blocks mental excellence. Mental excellence is the secret to realizing your full potential and unlocking consistent performance and results. Read more…

Things to Consider When Hiring a Life Coach

Hiring a life coach is an important decision. You need to select the coach who is the right fit for your current situation or problem, your goals, and your personality. You need to be able to trust and open up to your coach. The most important question to ask yourself is “Am I truly ready to change?”  If you’re not ready to change, to put forth the effort, or to take inspired action then you’re not ready for coaching. Read more…

How Do You Help People?

As a life coach, I help clients transform from normal functioning to high performance, from mental health to mental excellence. I use evidence-based research in my design and approach to working with clients. It’s not guessing and it’s not advice. I didn’t just pick something that worked for me and ask you apply it. It’s grounded in solid research by the top scientists, psychologists, medical doctors and peak performance researchers.

I love my coaching practice because I’ve designed it to be able to work with people all over the world, you don’t have to be local to be one of my clients!! Read more…

What Are Your Coaching Programs?

My current coaching program offerings are the Limitless Life Coaching Program  and the Limitless Results Coaching Program. I offer both individual and group coaching packages. In the fall I’ll be launching a new offering so check back soon! Read more…