Accepting Discomfort

Accepting Discomfort

Accepting Discomfort: Finding Peace When Things Are Hard

Accepting discomfort…sounds weird, but a critical lesson I’m learning yet again.

It’s funny.

You’d think that with as many times as I have moved I would be comfortable with how uncomfortable a move really is…but…

I’ve found myself resisting the discomfort and uncertainty.  Arguing with it. Shoulding all over it. 

This move is stretching my brain to the max.

Tons of uncertainty…like…

what the heck does that word mean? 

where do I find the _____? how do I get to the_______?

when the heck will my bed finally get here?!?

…and the discomfort…

getting used to driving a stick again (dude, it’s been like 10 years) while looking at completely different signs and battling the overwhelm driving through these tiny little chaotic towns

feeling like an idiot because I can’t understand most of what’s going on around me

seriously, my back is screaming from this loaner bed and couch

The problem with resisting discomfort and uncertainty means that it won’t make it go away.  

I was wasting a huge amount of energy fighting the reality that change is hard. 

It takes time to get used to new places. Languages. Cultures.

To create new routines. Familiarity. Home.

Discomfort and uncertainty are part of the process and they will make my brain super uncomfortable. Loud. Relentless. But I know how to comfort my brain. 


An easier way to handle all of this is acceptance.

Allowing emotion to be there.

To feel my feelings about all of this change.

To reassure my brain that this discomfort and uncertainty is only temporary.

That things will get easy and comfortable again.

That the change is worth it and good things are coming.

How excited I am for the change and what’s in store.

Because any change in life will trigger our brain to freak out, I know that practicing acceptance is the greatest gift I can give it. 

Accept. Allow. Feel. Process. Release.

So simple, but challenging without committed practice.

It doesn’t ever make the reaction to change go away.

But it makes us better at realizing we are reacting rather than feeling.

Which means we are quicker to realign after resistance.

What feelings have you been resisting? How would things change if you allowed them to be there? Comment below. I want to know!


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