Creating Magic: How I Achieve My Goal

Creating Magic: How I Achieve My Goal

Creating Magic: How I Achieve My Goal

When I learned how to create magic, it changed everything for how I achieve my goal (s).

Think of your 2020 goal(s). Your brain is probably focused on HOW you will achieve it.

The things you need to go and do, execute, scramble to figure out.

Which often leads our brain to seek The Next Best Thing…

… the shiny new system, training, tool, solution…

But the answer to reaching your goals isn’t sexy.

And it isn’t outside of yourself.

Why Do You Want It?

It’s about taking some time to really hone in on WHY you want to achieve that goal…

a why so big that it compels you past your excuses, creates burning desire for achieving the result, and propels you into the uncertainty and discomfort of growth.

It’s about realizing WHAT you think you will FEEL when you realize that goal…and what thoughts you will need to power that feeling NOW before you achieve it.

If you could already do the thing it would be on your to do list.

In 2020, to achieve that goal, you must grow into the person who can achieve it.

All results come from what we think…what we believe…which creates the fuel for the action – our feelings.

It’s about overcoming the lies our brains try to tell us…

— about how it should be easy, it should come natural
— about how we should be further along
— about how there must be something wrong with us – a character deficit or missing personality trait – if we struggle to achieve our goals.

It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy

There’s nothing wrong with you if it’s not coming easy.

Growth is rarely easy.

Achieving big goals requires us to stretch.

And it’s sooooo worth it if we are willing to pay the price for growth.

The answer isn’t sexy.

The answer is consistent practice in becoming the version of ourselves who achieves the goal.

Consistent practice.

That’s where you find the magic.

What do you think you will feel when you achieve your 2020 goals? Comment Below. I want to know!


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