The REAL Reason You’re Tired All the Time

The REAL Reason You’re Tired All the Time

My clients regularly tell me that they are just so tired and yet they have no idea why. There’s a common misconception that they need more sleep. The real reason you’re tired all the time is probably not what you think and is something that you have control over changing once you know why it’s happening.


Check in With Yourself

How often do you hear yourself saying:

I’m so tired


I don’t have an energy


I’m always exhausted


It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get…

Do you have an actual physical excuse for why you are tired all the time?

Rarely can we explain these feelings because of physical exhaustion.

If this is you, and it has most certainly been me at points in my life, I want you to know that you can change this.

It’s entirely under YOUR control.

And, the root of the problem is rarely that you need more sleep.

The Truth About Exhaustion

Exhaustion is an indulgent emotion – not just a physical state.

It prevents us from growing, from evolving, from trying.

So exhaustion is most always an excuse.

Rarely do modern humans exert themselves to the point of actual physical exhaustion as often as they experience the feeling of overwhelming tiredness.

Physical exhaustion includes physical elements (physical exertion, lack of sleep, poor nutrition and diet, and hormonal imbalances).

But the most common explanation for why my clients are tired all the time has a much different root.

The REAL reason why you are tired all the time is because you are emotionally exhausted.

Rarely do I have clients who come to me who are truly emotionally well.

What do I mean by that?

They are able to accept and experience their emotions on a regular basis.

So we are great at allowing positive emotions. And we have excellent practice at that.

We accept happy with open arms. 

We relish the good but avoid the negative emotions at all cost.

Resistance is Exhausting

The REAL reason why you are tired all the time is because you resist, avoid, and distract yourself from feeling the negative feelings.

Our thoughts make the negative emotions worse than they really are.

Our primitive brain which rules by fear scares us into stuffing negative feelings away.

But they build up.

We can keep shoving them down, avoiding them or blaming other people for our feelings.

But those emotional stowaways build up and get to the point where they will sink the ship.

Not feeling your negative emotions keeps you in a state of emotional exhaustion. You’re constantly running away on an emotional level, and that avoidance comes at the price of your energy.

How to Stop Being Tired All the Time

Your number one priority needs to be you, always. First.

Regular self-care includes prioritizing your emotional wellness.

The consistent daily actions you take to honor your emotions.

To feel them, to own them, to become the master of them.

If this sounds like something you need in your life, aren’t sure how to do, or would like to learn more about join me for the free How to Feel Better Webinar.

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