The Back to School Opportunity for Adults

The Back to School Opportunity for Adults

Back to School Adult Style

All around me friends’ kids are back to school or are getting really close to starting. 

Besides parents being a buzz about how stressful back to back to school time is, there seems to be another buzz too. 


It’s a new year and we anticipate and expect our kids to grow. 

To learn. To become smarter, more capable, resilient versions of themselves.

We take back to school photos documenting their size, stature, and interests to capture how much growth they undergo. 

To help us remember who they were when they started the year and celebrate who they will become.

Learning Ain’t Just for Kids

But what about YOUR growth?

Personally, I hope to never stop learning and growing.

I am a continuous learner.

It’s part of my curious personality and one of the things I love most about myself.

I will not go a year without learning and growth.

In fact next week is my birthday and I can’t wait to tell you all the things I’m committing to working on in the next year to make sure I can look back at who I was, who I became in the process and the astonishing results I created along the way.

But I want it for you just as much much as I want it for myself. 

Because learning provides us the opportunity to grow into better versions of ourselves.

The Opportunity for Back to School Growth

Because without growth we become stagnant. 

We atrophy.

We slowly start to die.

We lose our passion, our purpose and our connection with self. 

So I challenge you during this back to school time not to lose sight of your own growth, your own continuous learning, and opportunity to document who you will become this new school of life year.


What are you committed to learning this year? Comment below, I want to know!! 


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