CASE STUDY: How She Found an Alternative to Choosing Between Her Mom and Fiancé

CASE STUDY: How She Found an Alternative to Choosing Between Her Mom and Fiancé

CASE STUDY: How She Found an Alternative to Choosing Between Her Mom and Fiancé


Please note: To protect the identity of the awesome, the Limitless Life Coaching Program Graduate will be referred to as Grad throughout this Case Study. 


I couldn’t be more excited for the transformation this client had in her relationships with her mom and fiancé…but even more so in her relationship with herself.

Within a quick six week turnaround this client’s most important relationships did a complete 180 for the better. 

She went from feeling caught in the middle to standing powerfully in both relationships. 

Where she once felt she had to choose between her mom and her fiancé she found a way to honor and thrive in both relationships.

Let’s dig into her before and after. 




This client came to me because she was struggling with her relationship with her mother.

She was defeated by her lack of boundaries and how to navigate this tumultuous relationship.

It was putting strain on her relationship with her fiancé, who thought she should just cut her mom out of her life.

To make it even more of a challenge, my client ran her business out of her mom’s home. 

The top three emotions my client felt most often when she hired me were despair, frustration and overwhelm.

She felt like she was on an emotional rollercoaster, with the highs and lows dictated by the people she loved. 

What she desired most was to feel safe, excited and loved.  

Which makes a lot of sense because she was caught in the middle of wanting to be a good daughter, to have a healthy relationship with her mother while experiencing daily arguments and expectations that were far from that. 

She was also caught in the middle of wanting to be a good partner to her fiancé, and his belief that there was no way to fix her relationship her her mom, that she would just have to walk way from it. 

We very quickly realize that she was feeling torn between two of the most important people in her life. 

She was delegating her decision making and her own mental and emotional needs to them, rather than owning that responsibility for herself. 

That stemmed from a poor relationship with herself and a lack of clarity for what she wanted and needed in life. 

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We cleared out all the noise and helped her to decide what was most important to her, what she wanted and desired in her ideal YES life. 

And for her, that meant a healthy relationship with her mom AND her fiancé.  

So in order to create those healthy relationships with others, she needed to repair her relationship with herself. 

To determine what she wanted, needed and would tolerate in her relationships. To identify the unwritten expectations she had and had never communicated. 



Within just a week of the program this Grad started to feel so much better.

At first it was hard for her to see that she wasn’t the victim to her circumstances, but once she took ownership it was so much easier and quicker for her to begin feeling better. 

She had some tough conversations with her mom and fiancé. 

But she reported that it was the best, most rewarding, and truly honest conversations she ever had. 

She felt seen, heard, respected, validated. 

She communicated powerfully, from a place of love and compassion, honoring both individuals. 

Before we even finished the 6 week program she and her mom were able to communicate without fighting.

She no longer dreaded going to work at her mom’s home. 

She no longer worried about disappointing her fiancé.

Her fiancé honored her desire to work things out with her mother, and accepted her desire to repair that relationship.

And in turn, it strengthened their relationship. 

She has much more confidence living in her truth, knowing herself and being willing to vulnerably share what she wants, needs and desires in her relationships. 

At the end of the 6 week program she reported that the top three emotions she felt most consistently were happiness, excitement and a sense of sanity that came from feeling in control of her emotional space. 



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