CASE STUDY: Sluggish Sales Professional Quadruples Income

CASE STUDY: Sluggish Sales Professional Quadruples Income

Please note: To protect the identity of the awesome, the Limitless Life Coaching Program Graduate will be referred to as Grad throughout this Case Study. 

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I am so dang excited for one of my clients, a sales professional who pulled herself out of a major slump.

We have been working together for six months.

Within three weeks of working together she doubled her income.

Now she has quadrupled her income.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if she doubled it again before the end of year.

Talk about a stellar investment, better than the stock market….sorry not sorry my financial advisor friends 😘

It’s amazing what happens when you have someone to help you navigate the challenges of change and growth, to hold you accountable to your goals, and to push you to create the high performance you seek. 

Let’s dig into her before and after. 



This Grad came to me with really strong mindset skills and typically had a very positive outlook. However she found herself very unmotivated. As a sales professional, she had always been a rockstar producer, but had found herself in a slump. 

At first pass, she was really unsure why she was struggling to perform. We dug into what had changed between when she was kicking butt and the current slump. It turns out that her commission structure changed with her firm, in the company’s favor. 

She had bought into some thoughts that weren’t serving her, including: “I can’t make any money now” and “this compensation plan isn’t fair or worth my time.” 

Those thoughts created feelings of resistance, disappointment, frustration, and being undervalued by her employer. 

Those feelings caused her to stop working her pipeline and focusing on income-generating activities. It’s no surprise that those negative feelings were preventing her from wanting to show up and work. 

And the result? She wasn’t making any money. Her income was dropping. Her bank account was struggling. She was creating exactly what she feared and believed about her compensation plan by self-sabotaging.


coaching program results, limitless life, my yes life, life coach, life coaching, better life, better results, sales slump, sales professional


Within just a week of the program this Grad was clear what the problem was. It wasn’t her lack of motivation. It was her negative thoughts that were creating self-sabotaging emotions and behaviors. 

She immediately began showing up like the super star performer that she truly was.

She changed her thoughts, which changed her emotions and her attitude about work, and she got to work.

Within a couple weeks she had created massive momentum in her pipeline which gained her the attention of another firm. After taking a meeting with them to solely learn about their business they offered her double the income and a sweet sign on bonus. 

As we continued to work together she got clear on what she wanted, fixed some emotional things that were leaking into her relationships that she didn’t even know was there. 

At the end of the 6 weeks she experienced more than a 10% jump in her limitless life score, but more importantly she had a renewed sense of self and belief in her ability to accomplish big things. 

At the beginning the top three emotions she was most consistently feeling were stress, frustration and hopelessness. 

In 6 short weeks the top three emotions she was most consistently feeling were excited, curious and peace.



She decided to keep working with me after she graduated from the 6-week Limitless Life Coaching Program to help hold her accountable to the newly formed thoughts, emotions and actions that were creating her results. Grad signed up for the Limitless Results Coaching Program to maximize her results in her business and her life. 

After 6 months, this sales professional has quadrupled her income and she’s likely to double it again before the end of the year. 

She says that the Limitless Life Coaching Program was the best investment she has ever made and she continues to invest in coaching to this day because she loves having someone to help her keep reaching even higher.  



Are you ready to take your life or your results to the next level?

Learn more about the Limitless Life Coaching Program or Limitless Results Coaching Program.

Or, book a free mini-session to determine whether it would be a good fit for us to work together and help you create a life without limits.


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