Change is Created with Action: Claim Your YES Life

Change is Created with Action: Claim Your YES Life

will you claim your YES life?

Most people want change, but aren’t willing to take action and claim it.

Your potential for a YES life is there whether you claim it or not.

Whether you show up for it or not.

Whether you take action to create it or not.

And the difference between your YES life and the space where you currently exist is ACTION.

Change is in the Action

Rarely will thinking alone change your life.

It’s definitely where you need to start, as it creates your emotions, that drive your actions, which generate your results.

But you can’t get stuck in thinking. You must take action.

But that’s the challenge.

Most people get stuck in inaction. Their inaction and indecision IS taking action driven by a decision to maintain the status quo…to allow for their default future rather than choosing an intervention and making change.  

If you want a different life, a better life you must do things differently than you’ve done before.

You must grow into the person who can achieve the change you seek.

You must be willing to take action and fail forward.

Checking In With Yourself

Self-awareness is the goal.

The more aware we are the better primed we are to be able to make change in our life.

When we do this inquiry we don’t want to use the information we collect to beat ourselves up.

Be gentle with yourself and get to know you and your patterns better.

Once we understand our habits of thinking and habits of behavior we can change them.

So take some action, grab a journal, and answer the following prompts:

  • Wouldn’t it be great if…
  • What are three things I would need to do to make that a reality?
  • Who would I need to become to achieve that?
  • What would I need to believe to achieve that?

How will you claim your YES life?  Comment Below. I want to know. 


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