Change Your Thoughts: Mindset is Everything

Change Your Thoughts: Mindset is Everything

Change your thoughts: it’s not optional. It’s necessary.

I cannot scream it loud enough. 

Mindset is everything. 

You take that big beautiful brain of yours everywhere you go. 

Changing your thoughts is the most profound and sustainable way to create change in your life. 

I love when business owners tell me they don’t need a life coach, that they are focused on growing their businesses. 

Oh, so you leave your personal brain at home and only take your business brain out with you?” I want to ask

Our big beautiful brains can compartmentalize, and often do. 

But our beliefs about self, about our identity, about what we are capable of and what is possible for us are often subconscious and running the show. 

It all starts with thought

In neurobiology we know that thoughts come first. 

These sentences in our heads then create our emotions. 

Our emotions dictate our behavior, usually with the preference for doing what feels good or is easy rather than doing what we perceive might be painful. 

And it’s our actions that create our results in life. 

It all starts with a thought. 

It all derails with a garbage thought. 

Our habits of thinking and habits of behavior allow us to live on autopilot. 

But are they helping you create the life you want to be living?

It’s Up to You to Change Your Thoughts

If you want a different, better life than you are currently living then you need to think different thoughts on purpose to create that intentionally. 

This takes practice. 

Willingness to be uncomfortable. 

Willingness to be a beginner until you create new neuropathways for those future focused thoughts. 

Our thoughts are the root of all our problems AND all our solutions in life. 

Change your thoughts and you quite literally change your world. 

Investing in your big beautiful brain is the best investment you can make. 

Learning to lead your brain is the most important skill you can learn.


Comment Below: How do you see your thoughts creating your reality? 


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