Does it Feel Like Home?

Does it Feel Like Home?

Does it Feel Like Home?

Do you feel at home?

A house is the structure we see from the outside.

It becomes a home when we look within and feel the warmth that it’s full of.

A home is full of love. 





It’s an inviting and safe space to live, laugh and learn.

Most of my clients come to me when they realize that they don’t feel at home inside themselves. 

They’ve gotten in a pattern of trying to fix the house to try, all the while hoping that it feel like home.

A new roof, coat of paint, and some fancy landscaping are about as likely as a new hair style, lash extensions and fake nails to help create that sense of home.

Sure it makes the house nicer to look at, but it doesn’t make the inside any more cozy.

Always Wanting More

But we’ve been conditioned to think that maybe we just need those granite countertops, the stainless steel appliances, the next new thing we saw on HGTV…

Just like we start chasing a promotion, more credentials and degrees, another achievement to fight off that unsettled, ‘now what’ feeling inside.

My high-achieving clients have followed THE path to success – on paper having done all the right things.

Their needs ARE met.

Life IS good.

Yet rather than feeling at home inside themselves, relishing in their accomplishments, and owning their awesomeness…

They keep setting more goals, doing more things, wondering when they will stop feeling empty and finally start feeling settled. 

When they will feel peace. Happiness. Freedom.

Feel at home inside themselves.

Their house is full of self-criticism and doubt, and that “never good enough” feeling.

There’s the lingering, seemingly unanswerable question, the deep ache inside: “there must be more than this, but what?”

This is the work I do with my clients.

To finally make their house (their mind) feel like home.

To trade the anxiety and unworthiness for enjoyment, fulfillment, peace.

I help them stop hustling for happiness and step off the hamster wheel of achievement – ending the cycle of do more, be more, achieve more that is losing its appeal.  

To end the mind chatter that their inner critic constantly offers louder and louder by each passing day.

To ditch that restless, what-else, empty feeling and trade it for a deep knowing of what you want and the courage to blaze your own path.

To feel connected, present and appreciated rather than resentful and frustrated in personal and professional relationships.

To crush goals for fun, the thrill of the challenge and for growth rather than to try and fill the empty void of imposter syndrome and unworthiness.

Do you feel at home inside yourself?  Comment below, I want to know!


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