Don’t Stop Growing Now…

Don’t Stop Growing Now…

Don’t Stop Growing Now…Settle Your Fears by Focusing on Growth

Now, more than ever, is time to focus on growing. 

Fear brain lives in the short term.

A day or two ahead.

That’s why we’ve seen panic buying.

Fear brain being in charge.

Fear brain trying to keep us safe in the midst of all the global uncertainty.

Our brains don’t know how to handle this.

Most of us have never had a comparable experience to draw upon for guidance.

One of the best ways to lead your brain through the uncertainty of the pandemic is to focus on growth. 

If you give your brain something else to focus on you’ll consciously pull it out of survival, short term thinking mode.

Double down on the goals you had before the pandemic.

If you didn’t have one before, pick one now.

Pick a 3-4 month goal to focus on.

Keep it simple.

Focus on growing.

Give our brain something to look forward to.

To work toward.

To pull us out of the present panic and into future growth.

Carve out some time daily to focus on making incremental progress. 

We are in the perfect time in history to be quarantined.

The internet is incredible.

You can literally learn ANYTHING you want on the internet, and oftentimes for FREEEEE.

You have two choices.

  1. allow fear brain to run the show, and come out fatter, sadder, drunker, number, or more scared and anxious than ever
  2. capitalize on this slower time to look inward and improve your relationship with self.

I know you know what I’ll be doing…

A whole lot of number two (not that one, but yes, probably still that because you know, it’s a normal body function 😂)

Growing: here I come.

What goal will you commit to / focus on? What growth will you pursue? Comment Below. I want to know!


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