Failure Avoidance

Failure Avoidance

Desperate to Avoid Failure

So often I meet people who aren’t even willing to try something new because they are terrified of failure.

The reason is because they misunderstand what failure is, and why it’s there.

But really, in the attempt to avoid failure, most people are choosing to fail ahead of time.

They limit their life because they are afraid to fail.

So they don’t even try.

You must grow into the person who can do the thing. 

That’s the beautiful thing about change.

If you could do it now you wouldn’t need to change.

“Failure is not a problem you will face. Failure is how you get there.” – Chandler & Litvin

If we keep failing forward we will know success. We will know achievement. We will create change.

Failing Forward

Commit to failing forward.

Don’t make failure a personal characteristic.

It’s only an experience to learn and grow from.

It’s only a step in your path to your YES life.

When we learn to walk we fall. A lot. Over and over again.

It’s because when we are first learning we aren’t strong enough to walk yet.

But in the process of picking ourselves up we grow strong enough to finally walk.

This is true in everything we do in life.

But as adults our brains lie to us and tell us we should be perfect and awesome on our first try at things.

And we quit when we aren’t.

That’s the equivalent to choosing to just keep crawling.

An exercise to understand your fear of failure

Getting to know yourself and what’s going on in your brain is the very most important step to creating your own YES life.

Here’s some great journal prompt questions to start checking in with yourself and your fear.

  • What areas of my life am I afraid to fail?
  • How do I shelter myself from failure?
  • What area of my life am I willing to begin failing forward in?

Answer the prompts. Just free write. Don’t judge or edit yourself.

Comment below if you’d like some feedback on what you found.


What if you started thinking of failure as just a necessary and valuable step on your journey to success?  Comment Below. I want to know.


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