Far from Fearless: There’s No How to Be Fearless Offered Here

Far from Fearless: There’s No How to Be Fearless Offered Here

Far from Fearless

Have you ever wanted to be fearless? Apparently people think that I hold the magical secret to a fearless life. More on that later.

Holy bananas, it’s been a crazy couple weeks in the Frayne household.

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and my husband’s military promotion to E8.

We also found out that we are MOVING…to Germany…in November!

Yes, in less than THREE weeks.

I love that I can take my business everywhere though, so no worries, I’ll keep posting.

Can’t stop won’t stop coaching.

I’ve had a really interesting thing pop up a lot recently, and I wanted to talk to you about it.

My friend just wrote and launched a book. I read it in one day and could NOT put it down. It was so vulnerable, real, raw. Highly recommend.

I sent her a text to give her my feedback…and she responded saying how much my feedback meant to her because she looks up to me as being fearless.

Then, today I was at a Mastermind and one of the other business owners basically looked at me and another woman and said:

it must be so easy for people like you, you know, people who are fearless…


I’m stoked that I’m perceived as fearless BUT it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I know fear.

I know her well.

I sit with her.

I name her.

I allow her to be here.

I don’t resist her.

I don’t try to avoid her.

I don’t try to kick her out or ignore her presence.

I’ve made friends with her really.

Because I know that she will be riding shotgun in perpetuity.

Because that’s how our brains evolved.

But I call on perspective and ask myself if I’m really in danger.

If there’s really a tiger that’s going to eat me.

How likely is it that I’m actually going to die.

Because that’s the lie by brain is trying to feed me: That. I. Will. Die. 

But rarely is that EVER a remote possibility!

From talking to strangers, presenting workshops, or doing a facebook live (although I’m sure there’s some idiot that proved me wrong, thanks #murphyslaw) or any of the other things they see me do and believe that I have no fear.

I don’t allow fear to derail me because I allow her to be there. 

I do the thing anyway because I’ll do more mental and emotional danger to myself if I don’t by way of self-abuse (you know that mental chatter I’m talking about).

I feel the fear and do it anyway.

What if you allowed fear to be there? To invite her on the road trip of your YES life?  Comment below. I want to know!


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