The Fear Epidemic

The Fear Epidemic

How to Conquer Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Busyness & Stress

This is the first post in the series “The Fear Epidemic: Push Through Fear & Adopt a Fearless Attitude.” To see the next post click here.

Fear: it’s an evolutionary necessity that largely backfires in modern life. This alarm system, once protecting us from true dangers, now keeps us stuck from moving forward. We spend too much time inside of our head and not enough time moving forward from our hearts. How often can you say you’re moving in the direction of our dreams?

What is FEAR? Well… Overachievers call it stress. Workaholics call it busyness. Worriers call it anxiety. Unconfident people call it self doubt. The bottom line… It’s ALL FEAR.

The root of worry, self-doubt, overworking, stress, worry, and anxiety is always some manifestation of FEAR.

“We’ve made being in fear a habit.” – Jen Sincero

I’m absolutely a person who has lived too much of her life in her head. And, I can honestly admit that I have wasted a large portion of my life being consumed by fear. I used to dress it up as busyness, always keeping my plate ridiculously full so that I could go along with the glorification of busy + stressed = important. Anxiety rode shotgun wherever I went, with nagging self-doubt tagging along as the third wheel. I wore the merit badge for each on my sleeve, just another member in a society that’s consumed by our fears.

How often do you take the time to recognize that your stress, busyness, anxiety or self-doubt are rooted of fear? By chipping away at our fears we will have a more powerful and more lasting source of relief for our tendency to be overachievers, workaholics, worriers and unconfident people.

We get ourselves so spun up in our heads that we don’t even realize that we are spinning on a hamster wheel forcing ourselves to work harder and harder to keep the increasingly unsustainable pace.


And it’s not healthy, it’s harmful and it’s time to put fear in the back seat rather than allow it to keep allowing it to drive the car.


In the next post in this series “How to Identify the Fears that Hold You Back” we’ll take a deeper look at those fears that hold you back from your greatness. I’ll offer some tools to help you get clear on those fears that are causing you the most problems.


How does fear hold you back in your life? Comment below.

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