How to Adopt a Fearless Attitude

How to Adopt a Fearless Attitude

This is the third post in the series “The Fear Epidemic: Push Through Fear & Adopt a Fearless Attitude.” To see the first post click here or to see the final  post click here.

Our society constantly reminds us to play small, to focus on inadequacies, to not believe that we are good enough or deserving. We are trained to focus on faults, problems, and shortcomings. But with practice, we can retrain your brain to focus on strengths, opportunities, and finally realize that we truly are enough. You are unique, beautiful, worthy. You are one of a kind for a reason and you are meant to shine and not to cower.

So let’s take a minute to imagine what a fearless attitude would look and feel like. First things first, with a fearless attitude we’d give logic a try. We’d ask ourselves “Do I really have legitimate reason to be afraid?” If yes, mitigate. If no, push through and kick ass!

Own Your Greatness

The next part of a fearless attitude is the belief in ourselves. We would use positive self-talk and affirmations to remind ourselves of this daily. Because fear can creep in a million times a day, it’s important to remind ourselves all the time that we are totally kick ass. You are awesome and you can do anything you put your mind to!

The last part of our fearless attitude is the part that favors self-assessment to assist in producing action (and please not analysis paralysis). How will you feel about your inaction in the future? What’s the worst that could happen? What’s the best that could happen? If you’re honest with yourself in answering these questions, your disappointment from inaction and the possibilities of the best that could happen will nearly always outweigh those worst case scenarios. So get after it! Take the risk!


For more than a year I had my blog platform ready to go. It’s been aching for my voice to fill its pages. But I allowed fear of failure, fear of rejection and maybe even some fear of success hold me captive.

Fear-based inaction is a decision. The sooner that we can come to that realization the better. Because deciding to act takes fuel away from fear. Whether you fail or succeed, you are still amazing, worthy, deserving. So fail away baby!

“Mistakes are the portal to creativity, to learning something new, to having a fresh look on things.” Pema Chodron

You never know where something will lead. Sometimes the biggest failures are the fires from which the phoenix rise. And if we never start, we will never get to our limitless life. It’s that 10,000th light bulb design that makes the 9,999 before it worth it.


I’ve always loved the idea of “failing forward.” But I feel that it has always been missing a critical piece of self-compassion. Now I’m obsessed with the idea of loving ourselves forward. Our knee-jerk reaction to failure is self-criticism and sometimes even self-hatred. How radical would it be for you to give yourself grace, to give yourself love in those moments of failure? How different would your experience be if that was your automatic response?

“Loving and accepting ourselves are the ultimate acts of courage. In a society that says, ‘Put yourself last,’ self-love and self-acceptance are almost revolutionary.” Brene Brown

Believe in yourself. Believe that you are worthy, to your core, whether you soar or you crash. You are still enough. You will always be enough. Living life untethered to fear is where the magic happens.

Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway

fear, dreams, goals, overcome fears, fearlessWe all feel fear. The only difference is whether we allow it to cripple us into inaction. What you desire, what you truly want is on the other side of fear. Why not push through it? The pain is temporary and freedom is waiting.

There is nothing more satisfying than conquering any one of our irrational fears. Putting that fear in the rear view mirror is a feat worth celebrating, because on the other side of that fear is greatness. It’s our dreams. It’s ditching the shackles that hold us back from creating a life without limits.

Fate Loves the Fearless

I have a bracelet from SheShreds (a ladies sports outfitter out of Eden, UT) that reads “Fate Loves the Fearless,” a quote originally attributed to James Russell Lowell. The first time I saw this  I instantly fell in love and I had to have it. I look down at it all the time and it’s an amazing reminder to just get the fuck out of my own way. When we push past fear we vibe higher, stronger, brighter. And, that attracts fate, opportunity, awesomeness.

Promise to get out of your way this week. Do something that you’re scared of. Feel the fear and do it anyway, and the report back on how it went for you. I want to know whether it worked or it didn’t. We’ll love you no matter what.

In the final post in this series “The Fear Epidemic: Push Through Fear & Adopt a Fearless Attitude” we’ll ask “What’s the Best that Could Happen” and work to shift our mindset from disaster to possibility.

How do you plan on getting out of your own way this week? Comment Below!

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