How I Finally Ditched my Chronic Pain

How I Finally Ditched my Chronic Pain

Today was an incredible day for me in my chronic pain journey. I had an annual physical where I was able to tell them my pain level was a ZERO today. All of my labs and other metrics were perfect. For many this might not sound all that remarkable, but for me it’s almost unbelievable.

Desperate for a Magic Pill

If you would have told me a couple years ago while I was struggling with the depths of pain and emotional issues that came with my fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions that I would be PAIN FREE I wouldn’t have believed you. I was miserable, getting injections in my spine every month to help control the pain. Because of the flares I was losing weeks of my life at a time. I was broken and didn’t see a way out.

I couldn’t stop wondering: How could monthly steroid shots in my early 30s be sustainable long term? There had to be a better way. So I called on one of my super powers and began to research.

There was no easy answer, no magic pill. I had to dig deep and make some lifestyle changes to get to the root of the problem.

My Path to Recovery

But even then, some of those lifestyle changes seemed unattainable considering my chronic pain symptoms. I had horrible sleep issues, yet my doctor kept telling me that I needed more sleep. My anxiety was through the roof since my body wouldn’t function at the high level of achievement and activity that I wanted to produce. I had zero energy yet was told that I needed to exercise…did I mention the fucking pain I was in?

I kept coming back to finding information on essential oils. Skeptical, but desperate for a solution that western medicine wasn’t offering me, I dipped my toe into the water about 2 years ago, and about 18 months ago my friend Tiina welcomed me to the world of essential oils.

Oils have helped me to reduce my stress levels. To get restful sleep. To reduce my anxious feelings. From there, once I reduced my stress and got better rest my body started to take over and I started to have a little more energy, a little less pain.

I didn’t make a drastic whole life change 18 months ago. Instead I made a series of very small changes, consistently, which have pushed my bar closer to healthy rather than sick and miserable.

Finding Balance

Essential oils and other natural health products have helped my body to regain balance, have helped me to obtain optimal nutrition so that my body could begin healing itself. All of these small changes laid the foundation for bigger and more profound shifts in my health, far beyond ditching the chronic pain.

I’m a changed woman. I’m healthy. My body is strong. I’m pain free, most of the time. I’ve healed my heart and many relationships in my life. Every day I wake up feeling a sense of joy and wonder. And now I’m inspired to help others who are struggling, who know there has to be a better way.

Because all it takes is the desire to make one small change, consistently, and your world will transform for the better. That’s the magic pill y’all.

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