From Fed Up to Fired Up

From Fed Up to Fired Up

How many times have you wished that your life was different? Did you envision more for yourself? A life that was lit on fire because of purpose? Passion? Success?

I’ve always struggled with these thoughts – of ultimately not living up to my potential. Feeling that I was falling short, that I was wasting my precious time on all the wrong things.

Although deep down, that unfulfilled life was safe. It was comfortable. I wasn’t taking too many risks and I certainly wasn’t rocking the boat. I was fucking coasting…

But there was another part of the problem. I had stopped dreaming. Even worse, I had disconnected from my passions, from my heart’s desires. I was lost and knew I needed to find a way home with myself.

Finding Myself Again

It was easy to make excuses and stand by them, or so I thought. My life was largely out of my control due to my chronic health problems and being a military spouse. That I had already achieved quite a bit compared to many of my peers.

But the fucking truth of the matter was that I was longing for so much more and until I took the time to figure it out I would continue with that dark feeling in the pit of my stomach  and the belief that I was blowing it.

To say that finding the path to my passion and purpose was quick and easy would be a huge fucking lie. It was scary, raw, and took some effort – just like pulling back the layers of an onion, tears and all.

Life on Purpose

Through the process it became crystal fucking clear that for me to live a life of purpose and passion I had to take a risk on the unknown. I realized that I alone was responsible for crafting my life. I could decide to continue playing it safe or I could dare to live my dreams.

I started working on making the small changes that over time have made a huge dent in creating a life of purpose and passion. I quit my career. I made a concentrated effort to focus on my physical and emotional health. To elevate my mindset.

I am passionate about helping others, of living a life of service in hopes of making this world a more joyful and loving place.

I decided my purpose was to create a YES life and teach others to do the same.

To Inspire Change

This blog is the reflection on the changes I have made and will continue to make in order to live a life without limits. To be able to say YES to all my heart’s desires without hesitation or limitation. To share and inspire others to make their own YES life. To help people realize their dream life can be created through decision and design.

It will be about the tools, ideas, essential oils, and inspiration that help me grow and improve.

I believe that we are all incredible masterpieces-in-progress that are never quite finished yet remarkably beautiful and incredible just as we are.

I hope that through my own journey, struggles, and joys that you will find permission to start dreaming again. That you realize that your dreams do matter and that you can and should live a life guided by your passion and purpose.


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