Get Better Results: Do These Two Things and Results Will Happen ​

Get Better Results: Do These Two Things and Results Will Happen ​

Do These Two Things and Results Will Happen ​

I often get asked, “what should I do to get better results?”

Our brain LOVES to overcomplicate success.

But the honest truth is that creating desired results is simpler than we want to believe.

Here’s two things that will bring you guaranteed results if you practice them consistently.

THING #1: Focus on 1% improvements each day.

Great questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I 1% better today than I was yesterday?
  • What can I do today to improve by 1%?

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday and focus on who you will become by tomorrow.

Big growth, massive results are built in our daily habits.

In consistently exercising belief and discipline.

So what does this look like?

If you did zero sales calls yesterday, today make one and tomorrow make two.

It’s easier to get back into a rhythm of prioritizing the important tasks if they don’t feel huge or painful (our brain literally does everything possible to avoid pain, which is how you ended up scrolling Instagram for 22 minutes rather than picking up the phone!).

Sustainable change rarely occurs in a huge flash. It’s the byproduct of small changes repeated daily that have a compounding effect.

And, like most of my clients you’re probably thinking that 1% isn’t enough… that’s too small and insignificant…

or maybe that there’s no way that you could even pull THAT off…

which brings me to Thing #2…

THING # 2: Stop letting your brain bully you, when you can be the one in charge and run the show.

When you think about your goals and dreams (or even your daily tasks!!!)…

how much time does your brain spend feeding you…

…all the reasons why you suck

…why you can’t get better results

…why you’re destined to be a failure

…why there’s no way that you could ever be that big of a deal

…that you’re not worthy or enough to make it happen?

“Stop talking to yourself like an asshole” my coach friend Corinne says.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you fall into this negative thought pattern.

It’s part of the human condition to speak negatively to ourselves to prevent change/avoid danger, and society and our cultural conditioning has capitalized on this (to make us play small, to play by the rules that keep us safe and avoid rejection for being different than the herd, to spend tons of money chasing external solutions – it’s easier to sell garbage products when you hate yourself and you believe you are broken).

So, don’t allow being an asshole to yourself to spiral into being more of an asshole to yourself.

For reals, I know you’ve done it because I have gotten stuck in that awful loop myself.

Which then turns into a story about ourselves that we are broken, something has gone wrong, ohhhh woah is me.

Next time when you notice your brain is being an asshole, what if you got curious instead?

Giving Yourself Grace

What if you met those thoughts with love and gentle kindness (you know, that thing you do better for strangers than you do for yourself?).

Notice the thoughts. Don’t reject them.

Buying into our thoughts creates suffering.

Questioning our thoughts, their validity, their helpfulness sets us free from suffering and allows the space necessary to start creating a different reality.

Often our negative and judgmental thoughts have clues for how to proceed (eg. “There’s no way you’ll ever succeed – you suuuuuck at THAT” can turn into you learning and practicing your skills!!).

You can turn those thoughts around and give yourself some grace.

You can see them for what they are – garbage can thoughts that your brain reflexively thinks to keep you safe.

You can put them back in the garbage and practice thinking intentional thoughts instead (eg. “I am getting better because I’m committed to practicing and improving my skills. Of course I’m not an expert yet, but the only way to get better is through practice and evaluation”).

What do you think about THING #1 and THING #2? Comment Below! I want to know!


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