I once was lost, but then I was found
I found myself

Hi! I’m Dr. Dee Frayne. I’ve been a professional coach for more than 5 years. I specialize in helping women step completely and authentically into a life without limits, so they can experience a life bursting with passion and purpose.

I’m just a gal who wants to live a life packed with possibility, adventure, and wonder; a life where I can imagine, create, and enjoy anything.

I want a life that’s not limited by constraint, other than my own desires; a life where I am guided by my intuition and ability to say “YES!!!” to any opportunity that sets my soul on fire!

Doesn’t that sound awesome? I have to tell you, it totally is.

But before you get all green with envy, I want you to know that you can have that too. And you should.

And the good news is that I am a rockstar at helping people create the same life for themselves!

I know how you feel, I’ve been there too.

I’ve always been a dreamer, setting my sights high for an exceedingly accomplished life.

But then one day my body decided it had enough and it screamed a big fat NO.

There was no ignoring it any more. My body was shutting down and refusing to cooperate. My health was at an all time low, and I was forced to make some needed changes. The pain, anxiety, and self-doubt were debilitating.

I was lost. And so far from feeling like myself…I didn’t even know who I was anymore. If it weren’t for the pain, I’d think I was having an out of body experience.

For years, I had taken care of everyone else, putting myself on the backburner. But that strategy backfired. I was experiencing the physical, mental, and emotional effects of my chronic illness and I was a mess.

I had completely over drafted my wellness account and was beyond empty. Does any of this sound familiar?

I decided that I had to make my mind, body and spiritual health the top priority.

So I started taking care of me like it’s my job. My most important job. Making me my first priority.

Just how it always should have been.

My ticket to a limitless life was making small, sustainable changes, while changing and focusing my mindset.

And in making these changes, I realized how many people I could help. Every direction I looked, I saw women struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, health issues, and stress levels skyrocketing out of control.

Feel like you again. Let me be your guide.

As a coach, I specialize in helping women who are struggling to find passion and purpose in their lives. Women who did all the right things: went to school, got a good job, started a family. On paper, they look like they have it all, but they still aren’t happy. Women who are consumed by stress, anxiety, being overwhelmed, suffering from insecurity and self-doubt. Women who feel lost or stuck.

Our health and wellness impact every fiber of our being. When we feel crappy, in mind, body, or spirit, our lives are limited. But when we feel great anything is possible.

And I can coach and guide you on the steps to feel great again.

I know without a doubt that my purpose in life is to help people learn to make simple, yet profound YES life changes, and therefore experience a dramatic change in their quality of life. This will ultimately make the world a more joyful place (because people who feel crappy aren’t very fun to be around!)

My mission is to empower women fully and authentically into a life without limits, so they can experience a life overflowing with passion and purpose.

Nothing inspires me more than thinking of a world of people who follow their hearts and live their healthiest and happiest lives. And I’m on a mission to create that world. Come join me!

Ready to Unleash Your Potential? To Create a Life without Limits?

It’s time to be the leader of your life.

I’m a creative problem-solver who loves a good challenge. I’m insatiably curious, always asking questions. I have an uncanny ability to see how all things are connected. My unshakable belief is that we are all worthy of living a limitless life. These are my coaching superpowers. I call on these to help my clients make incredible breakthroughs in their lives.

I’ve read more than 500 self-help books, reviewed hundreds of academic research papers, and attended many personal development trainings, so that you don’t have to. I love to break these ideas down and make them easy and accessible to learn well enough to actually live them.

So many of my clients know what to do, but they fail to do it on their own. Working together, we have the power to push through barriers. And I hold my clients accountable for making the changes they so desperately seek.

I’ve always been drawn to leadership and have attended almost every leadership opportunity available growing up (Nerd alert: I earned my Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership.) I’ve always been intrigued about what makes people great at leading…and others very, very far from great.

I believe that we are all leaders; that position, title or authority has nothing to do with being a true leader. Rather, great leaders are people who serve others, and through influence, model their beliefs, qualities, and behaviors, and inspire others to be a part of their vision.

But what’s most important is that we need to be the leaders of our own lives. We do this by living with intention. By getting clear about what we want, and then going after it with all our might, using our big beautiful brains to lead the way.