Change Your Thoughts: Mindset is Everything

Change your thoughts: it’s not optional. It’s necessary. I cannot scream it loud enough.  Mindset is everything.  You take that big beautiful brain of yours everywhere you go.  Changing your thoughts is the most profound and sustainable way to create change in your life.  I love when business owners tell me they don’t need a […]

CASE STUDY: Sluggish Sales Professional Quadruples Income

CASE STUDY: Sluggish Sales Professional Quadruples Income Please note: To protect the identity of the awesome, the Limitless Life Coaching Program Graduate will be referred to as Grad throughout this Case Study.    I am so dang excited for one of my clients, a sales professional who pulled herself out of a major slump. We […]

How to Feel Better

I’m about to drop some Limitless Life Truths for How to Feel Better…but first… How are you doing this fabulous Memorial Day? I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge and appreciate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. As a military spouse I don’t take this lightly. Today I’m holding space […]

Shame Thrives in the Dark

The Coach Who Feels Shame Sometimes I get stuck in the thought that when I’m selling coaching there’s an aspirational quality to it. That it’s my job to help you see who you could become, and to hide away the parts of my life that distort that image. I do a lot of work to […]

The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy

Hey Dee: What is the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy? I was recently asked about the difference between life coaching and therapy, so I know that wasn’t the only person who was wondering. I think there’s absolutely a time and a space for both practices in helping people improve their mental health and wellness, but […]

Consistency IS the Magic Pill: The Secret for Creating a Better Life

We are desperate for things to change in our lives. We want the quick fix. What if consistency is the magic pill we have been seeking all along? Addicted to Instant Gratification Our society is addicted to the lie that our problems, and more specifically, the symptoms of our problems can be fixed by taking […]

Which Brain Are You Living In? (Part 2 of 2)

Say Hello to Human Brain. In part 1 I introduced you to Survival Brain, and in part two we’ll meet Human Brain.  Understanding your brain is the single most important things you can to in order to create change in your life.   While Survival Brain did incredible work getting us to this stage in […]

Which Brain Are You Living In? (Part 1 of 2)

Two Brains Did you know that you have two brains? Survival Brain and Human Brain. Well, technically you have one, buuuuuutttt….these two parts of your brain that you need to learn to be the lead in order to create a life without limits. Over the next two posts I’ll be introducing you to both parts, […]

The Truth About I Can’t

How often do you find yourself saying “I can’t?” I can’t do this, that…all or any of the things.   Can’t implies the inability to do something, the impossibility, the lack of skill or knowledge. Rarely are we ever in a position where we can’t. Most often we are in a a position where we won’t.  Your […]

T with Dee: Now Brewing

Now Brewing: T with Dee!! Welcome to the FIRST EVER T with Dee!!! I love, love, love the intro for this new video series: Welcome to the first cup of T with Dee where we’ll be drinking in some big life truths along with some tea (that’s probably coffee, and may even be wine because […]

Your Self Talk Matters: How the Gym Helped Me Find My Blindspot

When’s the last time you checked in with your self-talk? I can’t believe that going to the gym helped me find my blindspot in my self-talk game. How often do you actually pay attention to the things you’re thinking about yourself? We have more than 60,000 thoughts a day that are driving our emotions, which […]

The REAL Reason You’re Tired All the Time

My clients regularly tell me that they are just so tired and yet they have no idea why. There’s a common misconception that they need more sleep. The real reason you’re tired all the time is probably not what you think and is something that you have control over changing once you know why it’s […]

The Truth About Self-Confidence

How often do you feel like you have to be awesome or perfect in something to feel confident? It’s a trap that we allow ourselves to fall into, because we don’t know the truth about self-confidence. The truth is, that self-confidence is not created from competence – from doing or achieving. It is created from […]

How to Feel Worthy in Five Steps

We all want to feel worthy. Worthiness feels great. But the problem is that we spend a lot of time not feeling worthy, believing that we are good enough to be happy. That we aren’t deserving.  Girl, I can’t scream it loud enough: You are worthy just as you are. You are enough. You are […]

How to Fix Life When You’ve Messed Up

Holy bananas. March was a shit show for me. I feel like I’ve completely messed up. As many of you know I’ve been traveling for the past couple months for doTERRA’s Diamond Club. While working my full time job. And holding down the fort while my husband’s been deployed. Needless to say I’ve nearly burnt […]

How Forgetting to Shampoo Led Me to an AHA! Moment

  The other day something crazy happened when my routine literally imploded. I got some pretty strange results that made me ridiculously aware of a routine that I usually pay zero attention to. It’s amazing what happens when we move against a well defined habit. Have you ever put conditioner in your hair before shampoo? […]

You Are Worthy: A Pep Talk for My Soul-Centered Friends

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m in serious need of a pep talk because I’m feeling like I’m not worthy of my goals. So, if that applies to you, here you go! If you want a better life you have to do it for yourself:  seriously, YOU are worthy of all the greatness […]

How to Make it Happen

Find Motivation Even When You’re Discouraged How often do you wish that things were different in your life? You know things need to change but finding yourself lacking the motivation to figure out what you want and to go after it? The overwhelming discouraged feeling keeps you stuck, unsure of yourself or even feeling unworthy […]

The Ultimate Fearless Mindset Hack

This is the last post in the series “The Fear Epidemic: Push Through Fear & Adopt a Fearless Attitude.” To see the first post click here. We all feel fear. The only difference is whether we allow it to cripple us into inaction. What you desire, what you truly want is on the other side […]

How to Adopt a Fearless Attitude

This is the third post in the series “The Fear Epidemic: Push Through Fear & Adopt a Fearless Attitude.” To see the first post click here or to see the final  post click here. Our society constantly reminds us to play small, to focus on inadequacies, to not believe that we are good enough or […]

How to Identify the Fears that Hold You Back

This is the second post in the series “The Fear Epidemic: Push Through Fears & Adopt a Fearless Attitude.” To see the next post click here. To see the first post click here.   How often do you take the time to recognize that your stress, busyness, anxiety or self-doubt come from the root of […]

The Fear Epidemic

How to Conquer Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Busyness & Stress This is the first post in the series “The Fear Epidemic: Push Through Fear & Adopt a Fearless Attitude.” To see the next post click here. Fear: it’s an evolutionary necessity that largely backfires in modern life. This alarm system, once protecting us from true dangers, now […]

How I Finally Ditched my Chronic Pain

Today was an incredible day for me in my chronic pain journey. I had an annual physical where I was able to tell them my pain level was a ZERO today. All of my labs and other metrics were perfect. For many this might not sound all that remarkable, but for me it’s almost unbelievable. […]

How to Say No and Get More From Life

Do you overextend yourself? Can’t say no? Have to help everyone who asks? You’re probably stressed, exhausted, feeling like crap, and running on empty. I was a chronic yes woman. I wanted to help everyone and be involved with as much as possible. I rarely said no to anyone, except to myself. I said no […]

From Fed Up to Fired Up

How many times have you wished that your life was different? Did you envision more for yourself? A life that was lit on fire because of purpose? Passion? Success? I’ve always struggled with these thoughts – of ultimately not living up to my potential. Feeling that I was falling short, that I was wasting my […]

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