How Not to Be a Success Zombie: The Truth to Creating Change

How Not to Be a Success Zombie: The Truth to Creating Change

How Not to Be a Success Zombie: The Truth to Creating Change

You might be a Success Zombie and not even know it. Stick with me here, you’ll want to avoid being one.

I know you might not be into math. But you NEED to know this equation.

Knowledge + Action = CHANGE

Sometimes we get into believing a lie that we can just learn enough and then change is automatic.

Take another class. Attend another workshop. Read another book.

But you’ve done this before.

Maybe you were inspired for awhile, but did the change last?

Or did you just quickly move on to the next source of inspiration hoping that was exactly what you needed?

Success Zombies are a Thing

I just recently heard these people called Success Zombies, and I can’t think of a better term for it.

I know them well.

I used to be one.

Always searching for that magic bit of knowledge that was my secret missing thing I needed to transform my life.

But the common denominator was that I never took enough action on what I learned. 

To Create Change You Must Apply What You Learn

I didn’t take action at all.

Or I didn’t take it consistently.

Or I didn’t take it long enough to guarantee results.

That’s what’s magical about coaching.

I would say that 100% of my clients know exactly what to do.

But they don’t do it on their own.

Because taking action requires us to override the fear response and lead our brains. 

You must take action to create change.

In fact, some people don’t spend any time acquiring knowledge.

They just immediately take action and learn and improve along the way.

Because you can never plan for everything.

It’s through action that the HOW becomes clear.

In order to change you MUST take action.

You must do something different than you’ve always done. 

And you might need someone to help you stay accountable to the change.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you do.

It’s how we are wired.

If you aren’t creating the change you desire on your own, perhaps consider working with a coach?

What have been your results in trying to create change?  Comment Below. I want to know!


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