How to Feel Fear: Resisting Your Feelings is Holding You Back

How to Feel Fear: Resisting Your Feelings is Holding You Back

Knowing how to feel your fear will set you free.

Fear is one of the least comfortable feelings to feel. But yet, it’s at the root of most of all our negative emotions.

The only thing preventing me from having the life of my dreams is fear and discomfort.

I’m willing to feel fear and discomfort. Therefore the life of my dreams is inevitable.

When you are willing to feel any feeling, anything is possible.

Because the only reason why we do or don’t do anything in life is to feel or avoid feeling a certain way.

We have a tendency – because of our Survival Brain – to avoid feeling anything uncomfortable with fear being at the top of the list.

When you are willing to feel your fear, you will be unstoppable. You won’t eliminate fear, but you will stop it from derailing your progress.

Wondering how to lean in and feel to fear, and all the other the “bad” stuff?

  1. Don’t resist it. It only makes it worse. Allow it. Name it. Just feeling it usually reduces it.
  2. Don’t catastrophize it or make it bigger than it really is. Ditch the drama.
  3. Don’t force yourself out of it, but rather look at the bigger picture – is it just a bad or hard moment or is it really the end of the world? Call in perspective.
  4. Don’t force yourself to make decisions on a bad day. Give yourself some grace.
  5. Don’t identify with it. Don’t label yourself. Don’t use language that takes ownership of it!!
  6. Do ask yourself what you are supposed to learn from this. How is this helping you to grow?

What if you were willing to sit with any emotion – even the “bad” ones? What would be possible for you? Comment below. I want to know!


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