How to Make it Happen

How to Make it Happen

Find Motivation Even When You’re Discouraged

How often do you wish that things were different in your life? You know things need to change but finding yourself lacking the motivation to figure out what you want and to go after it? The overwhelming discouraged feeling keeps you stuck, unsure of yourself or even feeling unworthy of something better?  All you need is a simple mindset shift to make it happen and some of my favorite tools to go from discouraged to motivated.

I don’t know about you, but I used to spend a lot of time thinking about the things I didn’t like about my life. I found myself working a ton of hours at work for someone who didn’t respect me or my contributions to the organization. And, I was very, chronically ill. Stuck from the pain, the anxiety, the depressing nature of it all I focused on all the crap that I knew I didn’t want but had no idea how to change. I was told that I needed to get used to living a life defined by pain.

But I had this nagging feeling that my life didn’t have to be that way, that it could be better, that there was reason to have hope. I just needed to figure out how to make it happen.

At some point I made a shift and started focusing on the things I wanted to create in my life. I realized that focusing on accomplishments and external possibilities wasn’t serving me. I began thinking about the feelings I wanted more of in my life. If I could create my dream life, what would it FEEL like? Because let’s get real – everything we do in life is driven by our feelings…what we want more of, what we want to avoid, what we crave, what we fear. Cluing into these emotions felt more real. More authentic. And less connected to external accomplishments. And it felt more plausible despite my chronic illness. I just had to decide to make it happen.


Clarity Creates MOTIVATION

So I set out trying to figure out what it was that I wanted more of, even if I wasn’t sure how I would make it work. I came up with a list of five words that really inspired me (joy – wonder – love – health – limitless) —  that if I could create this in my life I know my life would be successful. Full. Well lived. I just had to commit to make it happen.

Once I figured out those emotions, had the words on paper I realized I was scared. Because if I truly wanted to create more of those feelings I was going to have to make some changes. I’m not quite sure I understand why we feel fear when we realize what we want. But I know it’s a common phenomenon from my experiences coaching so many people. I just had to get out of my own way to make it happen.


Don’t Fear the Fear

But I also knew that my desire to have a different experience for my life was stronger than the fear…on most days. We can’t ever get rid of fear, but we can harness that energy and turn it into something wonderful rather than becoming paralyzed to inaction. And from my experience I’ve come to realize that when I’m moving in the directions of my YES life I have the tendency to mistake excitement for fear. If I could just get moving I know I could make it happen.

And because of that I acted. Some days more than others. It can be hard to sustain motivation, I get it. But I have consistently made decisions to help me create more of those feelings in my life. I use them as my anchor, my guide, my inspiration. Each day I use these feelings as my purpose and fuel my ability to make it happen.


Taking Inspired Action

So I know many of you are here because you know that there’s more that you want in life. You have bigger dreams or at least a belief that there has to be more, better. There’s a reason to hope. There’s a reason to dream. But you have to start. You have to take the time and allow yourself to dream. To figure out what feelings you want more of in life. Because the clarity that comes with this realization will help you take inspired action. To take action and make it happen for yourself.

So take some time to figure out those feelings you want more of…get clear on those things that might be stopping you. Find your motivation. Take time to emotionally connect to the best that could happen if these dreams came true for you and go out and make it happen.


And, if you don’t do it now, when? Start now. Motivation is is an intention and not an impulse – create it through taking action.


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