Which Brain Are You Living In? (Part 2 of 2)

Which Brain Are You Living In? (Part 2 of 2)

Say Hello to Human Brain.

In part 1 I introduced you to Survival Brain, and in part two we’ll meet Human Brain.  Understanding your brain is the single most important things you can to in order to create change in your life.  

While Survival Brain did incredible work getting us to this stage in evolution, it really backfires in modern life. Ruling by fear it often keeps us stuck in harmful habits.

Developing Higher Consciousness

As we have evolved as a species, we have grown our Human Brain. This is the part of the brain that differentiates us from other mammals. It allows us to plan, strategize and think about our thoughts. This part of our brain is our higher consciousness.

Our Human Brain allows us to create goals, to desire change, to visualize a better future. This brain also allows us to recognize how we might not be in alignment with that vision we desire.

So Human Brain gets us excited to change, to grow, to adapt and evolve. And we often get super excited for this change and begin to move toward it.

Backstabbed by Survival Brain

That is until Survival Brain throws the monkey wrench.

This is because Survival Brain does not want us to change – remember – it creates habits of behavior and habits of thinking in order to be as efficient as possible so energy and attention is available for scanning for threats (you know, that dang tiger that’s not trying to eat you anymore).  

Survival Brain assigns a whole mess of pain to change and throws all the shade when you try to change – self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fear and all the unhealed garbage in your life.

And usually, Survival Brain creates enough discomfort that we give up, lose interest, or fail before we even start.

The War Within

But Human Brain is smart enough to know that the habit of thinking or habit of behavior needs to go in order to have a better future.

It’s almost as if the two parts of your brain are at war with one another.

This awareness allows us to recognize the war exists, but not enough tools to be able to win the war.

Our Survival Brain then tries to convince us that there’s something wrong with us because we are at war with ourselves.

That there MUST be something wrong with us.

That we’re the only one who must be this dysfunctional.

But the reality is that this is so dang common.

We are all fighting this war until we learn how to be the leader of our brain.

Learn to Lead Your Human Brain

We can train Human Brain to have the tools to override Survival Brain.

It takes a lot of energy and effort, but with intention and practice it becomes the norm.

This is the mindset work I do with my coaching clients.

Because Survival Brain is so good at what it does (it’s had thousands of years of practice being the Sheriff) and Human Brain is the new kid on the block it can be really difficult to shift into a more conscious space of awareness on a regular basis without a trusted guide to help you overcome the fear.

I love teaching some simple mindset tools and helping clients practice them. Doing this work allows them to stop being the follower of fear and take leadership of their brain. To end the destructive war in their brains.

Do you experience the war between Survival Brain and Human Brain? How does that keep you stuck? Comment below!

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  1. Dr D,

    I just read your two brain blog posts and found them to be right on point. I agree that the Primitive Brain (Lizard Brain — Amygdala) trips us up in our subconscious.

    • Dr. Dee Frayne June 14, 2019 at 2:45 am · · Reply

      For such a small part of the brain it sure has a crazy grip on us and how we show up in life!

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