How to Recover When You Think “I Made A Mistake”

How to Recover When You Think “I Made A Mistake”

How to Recover When You Think “I Made A Mistake”

My brain wanted to tell me that I made a mistake.

If you read no further than this: There are no such things as mistakes.

Have you ever made a decision that ended up not being what you thought it would be? 

Yeah…I just did that.

I decided to niche my business and work with realtors.

I made a huge announcement.

I made a ton of changes.

I created a bunch of videos and content.

And then I realized that they way I narrowed my business wasn’t really in alignment with how I want to show up, serve, and help people get transformations.

I realized that I don’t want my coaching specialty to be mindset for realtors.

Don’t get me wrong, I love realtors and working with realtors.

I just realized I don’t want to talk about real estate industry related problems – the things that realtors care about.

My brain instantly started screaming that I made a mistake.

But I know that despite my brain trying to tell me that I made the wrong decision, there’s no way that I made a mistake, because you cannot make mistakes in life.

We either move closer to our goal or we have a learning experience.

There Are No Wrong Decisions

I could sit here and beat myself up for making the “wrong” decision. But this is not helpful. 

And doing so would make decision making painful.

Something that I would start to avoid to not feel the pain of a “wrong” decision again.

To stop making or avoid making decisions – the most powerful thing we can do to create change in our lives.

The truth is that there are no wrong decisions. 



There are decisions that bring you closer to what you want.

And there are decisions that help you learn.

We are terrified to make decisions and take action because we might fail and the painful lies we will make that mean about ourselves. 

Gaining Clarity from Mistakes

I’ve gained a TON of clarity in that decision.

I am so much clearer on what I want, who I want to help, and how I want to help them.

It was worth it to make the decision, take action and learn from it.

I could create a storyline to the tune of “I failed, I wasted so much time and energy, I’m such an idiot, they’re all going to laugh at me.”

But that doesn’t help either.

It robs me from the growth that I was actually open to and gained from being willing to make the decision, take action, evaluate, and learn.

Are there areas of your life where you’re not making a decision because you fear failing? 

Of making the wrong decision?

Of looking like an idiot?

All of that is a choice.

Failing Forward

I could have thought I made a mistake. Instead I chose to fail forward.

You can choose to “fail” forward.

All successes are built on a pile of failures.

So I just failed forward in my business.

I’m not making it mean anything other than I am so much more clear, determined and ready to show up and serve.

Who I Help

Here’s what I know is true on the other side of this “failure:” I am committed, fired up, and driven to help high achievers stop hustling for happiness.  To create a life they crave. 

I help my clients create incredible, powerful and fast transformations in this space.

This is the work that I am meant to be doing.

In barely a few weeks my clients stop hustling to feel worthy.

They learn how to feel good enough, exactly as they are, right now in this moment.

They stop feeling stuck. Frustrated. Overwhelmed.

I help them learn the lies their brain is dishing up.

The lies that make them feel like shit and get stuck spinning…

My clients are smart, capable, powerful humans.

They have achieved amazing things in life, in their careers, in their worlds.

But yet they still feel like something isn’t right.

But often they don’t see it. Recognize it. Celebrate it.

They’re often plagued with the thought “I made a mistake.

In their minds it’s never enough.

They still don’t feel happy.



And then we get to work and in a few short weeks we turn all that shit upside down.

Because they learn that they will never fix an internal problem with an external solution.

They realize they can stop hustling and start finding enjoyment.

They start feeling contentment, peace, satisfied where there once wasn’t (and even believed those were completely out of their reach).

They realize that they aren’t broken.

There’s nothing that has gone wrong.

This feeling is not permanent.

They can drop the awful stories and lies their brain has been serving up, often for decades.

THIS is my work.


I am amazing at helping my clients get this transformation.

This is the transformation that I’ll be serving up.

If this is what you want or need, get ready, because you’re about to get a whole lot more content that will help you stop hustling for your happiness.

To help you feel peace, content, free in your life. In your career. In your goal setting and growth. In your relationships – most importantly your relationship with yourself.

To create wellbeing. To start thriving. To strive satisfied. 

If this isn’t what you want, no hard feelings.

Because it’s time to uncover the lies our big beautiful brains have been serving up.

To take our power back.

To end our emotional suffering.

To create our results with burning desire and intentional action.

What are you not making decisions about in your life? Or, is there a decision you’re beating yourself up over? Comment Below. I want to know!


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