FAQ: How Do I Get Out of My Own Way?

FAQ: How Do I Get Out of My Own Way?

FAQ: How Do I Get Out of My Own Way?

I hear this question all the time: “How do I get out of my own way?”

So many people come to me wanting to learn how to get out of their own way. 

The problem is that they aren’t in their own way. 

They aren’t IN themselves. 

They are lost in their own fear, doubts, anxiety, and worry

They’re lost in a shitty story of themselves, their insecurities, their short-comings, and limitations

What’s in their way is the farthest from who they truly are, what is possible, what could be. 

You are not in your way. Your fear, your shitty beliefs, your worry about the future is what is in the way. 

Because there is NOTHING wrong with you.  You are not broken.

Get Out of My Own Way

The quickest way to get out of your own way is to truly get in your own way – to go inward to what is real – to get to know the real you that isn’t tainted by all the shit that’s in the way. 

To spend less time judging, criticizing and belittling yourself. 

To spend less time focusing on everyone else before taking care of yourself.

To spend less time thinking that everything will magically change someday.  

To create a relationship with yourself that is founded in love, trust, kindness, communication, prioritization and awareness. 

To turn that illusive someday into today. 

To make the decision that you are worth it, that you deserve to feel better, that you can and should have more than this

The quickest way to get out of your own way is decide to get out of your mind drama and get into love with the real you. 

Do you feel like you’re in your own way?  What’s one thing you could do to get in touch with the real you? Comment Below. I want to know!


I specialize in helping people get out of their own way. Removing the mind drama and bullshit that’s in the way of feeling good, finding enjoyment in life, and achieving big goals. The fastest way to get out of our own way – and create the change we seek – is to work with a coach. I’m ready to be your coach. Jump on a free consult to get the transformation started.  Book Now.  


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