It’s Driving Me Crazy: Is it Though?

It’s Driving Me Crazy: Is it Though?

It’s Driving Me Crazy: Is it Though?

Happy Veteran’s Day.

I could not be more grateful for the brave and selfless men and women who serve our country.

Well, it’s more than official.

We now live in Germany.

Me and my favorite active duty service member and our two dogs.

We’re starting to get settled in…but last Tuesday we began our journey – nearly 24 hours of travel.

There’s nothing like travel to bring out some crazy thoughts and beliefs. 

I found myself highly agitated.

Nothing was going smoothly.

Shipping the dogs as cargo was more of a pain than we anticipated (and we knew it wouldn’t be fun).

We were stuck behind some of the most annoying and oblivious travelers walking to the gate.

I heard my brain say “this is driving me crazy.”

And I realized how I’d been keeping tally all morning of all things that were driving me crazy and as a result I was highly agitated.

I was giving all my emotional power away to a bunch of strangers because of the language I was using in my mind.

Was I really going crazy? (Maybe a little).

I was using language to interpret my experience, and I was doing it in a way that made me feel like crap.

“Driving me crazy” intensifies the experience. Makes your brain elevate your emotional response to fit the intensity of the phrase. 

The Language You Use Matters

Was I really going crazy?

If I was honest, no.

So, I changed my thoughts and changed my emotional response.

The people in front of me no longer had the power to agitate me.

Instead they were just tourists savoring the last few minutes they had on their Vegas vacation.

The United employees were doing the very best they could with the information they were given by the company.

I’m so glad my brain only interpreted the world as driving me crazy for a couple hours into our travel day, otherwise it would have been a much, much longer and more painful day than it needed to be.

I told my brain I was in charge, and that we weren’t choosing agitated and crazy that day and my whole travel mood changed.

How is the language you’re using amplifying a negative emotional experience in your life?  Comment below. I want to know!


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