Limitless Life Advice

Limitless Life Advice

Chasing MY YES LIFE…

I’ve decided to go all in and I’m sharing my Limitless Life Advice!

Some of you know that I have been working as a faculty member and coach at a university for nearly six years.

This Friday is my last day.

I’ve decided to go all in on my YES life.

To create a limitless life.

To create a coaching business that helps thousands of people fulfill their own YES lives.

Going ALL In in my Limitless Life

I am so excited for this next step in my journey, and to go all in on ME, my capabilities, my gifts, my dreams….

which ultimately means me showing up fully to help YOU find and get after the next step in your journey to achieving your dreams.

Because I love nothing more than to help people shine, to own their greatness, to achieve mind-blowing results.  

My Final Message to My Students

Much as I have done for members of the Limitless Life Tribe, I also sent out a weekly email, on Mondays, that I called Monday Motivation.

I wanted to share today’s final message that I sent to my students because I think you can benefit from hearing it too.

It’s full of advice to help you create a limitless life.

Please, never stop believing in yourself and remember:

  1. You can do hard things.
  2. Your track record of surviving hard things is 100% to this point.
  3. You are worthy, exactly as you are, right in this moment.
  4. You do not have to change to be worthy. You do not have to achieve the next goal to be worthy. You were born worthy.
  5. Happiness and feeling good is not contingent upon achieving an external goal or achievement.
  6. Happiness is available to you right in this moment, exactly as you are.
  7. Your thoughts create your emotions. Emotions drive your actions. Your actions create your results.
  8. If you want to be happy, think happy thoughts. If you want to feel successful, think successful thoughts.
  9. Be nicer to yourself than anyone else. Self-talk matters. If you treat yourself like crap, expect crappy results.
  10. Give yourself permission to be nice to yourself. To believe in yourself. To believe in your capabilities.
  11. Failure is an experience, not a personal characteristic. People can NEVER be failures.
  12. Learning to fail forward is one of the most radical and beneficial skills you can learn in life.
  13. It’s the falls in life that helped us grow strong enough to walk. Just keep picking yourself up. Don’t try once and then decide to crawl. You must grow strong enough to be the person who achieves the goal.
  14. Big goals are achieved through trial and error, through falling and picking ourselves back up. That’s the process. Make peace with the process and remove the resistance that slows you down.
  15. You aren’t expected to know everything and not need help, otherwise you’d be on the payroll. Call your mentor!
  16. ASK FOR HELP. Don’t allow fear and pride to prevent you from getting support and moving forward with your goals.
  17. Students who consistently ask for help achieve their goals faster and more frequently than students who do not. Call your mentor!
  18. Life is about the journey – not the destination.
  19. Make sure to take care of yourself and have fun along the way.  Health is harder to repair than it is to maintain along the journey (on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual).
  20. Stress is a choice, and there’s always a healthier way to approach life and your problems.
  21. Overwhelm is a choice. Just slow down, get focused on the priorities and delegate, outsource and table the things that aren’t the most important in this moment.
  22. End the glorification of busy. Busy has become a status symbol, but the most successful people are rarely busy. They are focused and deliberate with their time.
  23. Learn to say “Yes” and “no” to requests of your time and energy with intention.
  24. Give yourself permission to focus on your goals and priorities first.
  25. Don’t torture yourself and wait to celebrate upon graduation. Celebrate the small wins along the way so that you enjoy the journey.
  26. Motivation is an INTENTION and not an impulse.
  27. Waiting for motivation to strike is like waiting for divine intervention. You’re better off getting to work, even if you don’t feel like it.
  28. Movement is what creates motivation, which creates momentum.
  29. Once you get moving, don’t stop. Keep pushing. You can achieve more than you believe or know is possible in this moment.
  30. Get clear on what it is that you want. Knowing your WHY is what will keep you moving when life throws you a curveball. When things get hard. When you would otherwise allow yourself to quit.
  31. Commit to the goal, to your why, to your vision, NO MATTER WHAT.
  32. There’s a huge difference between INTERESTED and COMMITTED. You won’t show up for your goal if you’re only interested.
  33. There will be different seasons during your journey. Expect it. Know that it’s okay…just stay committed. Keep showing up. Do what you can, when you can.
  34. The person who wins in life is the one who keeps consistently showing up, one small sustainable baby step at a time.
  35. You’ve totally got this. I believe in you!


If you were to go all in on you, to go all in on your limitless YES life, what’s the first step you’d need to take?  Comment Below. I want to know. 


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