How Do You Measure Success?

How Do You Measure Success?

Whose Yardstick Are You Using?

Have you defined success for yourself, or are you using someone else’s definition?

It’s crazy how many people I have met who have not taken the time to truly define success for themselves.

These individuals typically compare themselves to everyone around them.

They beat themselves up for falling short of the successes that they perceive others are achieving.

They’re convinced they are the only one who is struggling to measure up.

The Highlight Reel

Social media doesn’t help.

We look at the highlight reel and compare ourselves with the yardsticks that others are using to measure their own lives.

And most of the times the yardstick isn’t even real.

It’s an illusion.

Carefully crafted to hide pain, shame, guilt, loneliness, embarrassment.

A mask to hide behind.

A story of perfection that does not even exist.

Create Your Own Success Yardstick

You need to be intentional.

You must guard your vision diligently so that you don’t get pull off course by the decisions someone else made for themselves.

You need to create your own yardstick to measure your success so that you don’t find yourself in an endless loop of compare and despair. 

And the very best way to compare, if you’re going to compare at all, is to the person you were yesterday.

Ask yourself these questions each time you feel the grip of comparison squeezing in:

Am I better today than I was yesterday?”

“Am I a stronger, more capable, kind and loving version of myself today than yesterday?

Am I moving toward the intentional future I want to create for myself?

If you can say yes to those questions, isn’t that the ultimate measure of success?

Whose definition of success have you been using for your life? Whose yardstick do you find yourself using to measure your success? Comment below, I want to know!  


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