Mindset: What Beliefs Are Sabotaging Your Results?

Mindset: What Beliefs Are Sabotaging Your Results?

Mindset: What Beliefs Are Sabotaging Your Results?

Mindset is thrown around as a buzzword.

When it’s used correctly, it’s a framework and intentional practice that helps you to rewrite the subconscious habits of thinking that are responsible for your current results in life and business.

I help my clients make mindset a verb.

When I work with clients we make mindset actionable.

It becomes a practice for profound, sustainable change.

Because as Byron Katie teaches, once you see the lie there’s nothing you can do to make it true again.

We find the lies their brains are telling them. The lies that hold them back from creating and living a life they crave. 

A Real Life Example

I recently had a free consult with a potential client who was – in her words – struggling in her business (despite creating successful results in the past).

But she recently moved out of state and is now building a new clientele…and felt that the difference in that market was part of her problem.

She came to the call saying things like…

“I’m really not good at working with [this type of client]…”

“I don’t know what to say to them…”

“I feel so awkward talking to [this type of client]…like I have no confidence talking to them”

“I just KNOW what to do to work with [my normal client]…I wish I didn’t have to move away from my client base!!”

Which is pretty surprising since she HAS helped that “new” type of client – she just wasn’t allowing herself to see how she had helped them before she moved!

Not surprisingly she was feeling resistant to meeting new people and working her business.

Her lack of confidence was creating a struggle between what she knew she SHOULD be doing and what she was actually doing (which wasn’t much!!).

Digging Deeper into Mindset

We dug deeper to figure out what the true cause of the struggle was…

It was the completely unhelpful and business sabotaging subconscious belief that….

this new client type was hard to work with – that they would waste her time.

It was widely thrown around in her industry, and that’s the only type of client she saw in her new market.

No wonder she was resistant to working with them.

Because that belief made her feel distrustful, avoidance, and that she would be wasting her time.

Usually when we uncover the belief the client laughs.

Partly because they’re uncomfortable with finding the truth, partly because it seems too simple to be the problem.

But we made mindset actionable.

We linked this belief to the feelings she was experiencing in her business.

We linked how she was feeling to the action she was/wasn’t taking.

And we linked that action/inaction to her results.

Her goal is to build a full time business in her new location – but she hasn’t been showing up that way.

She intentionally decided to begin practicing thoughts that would empower her to learn how to serve her clients, to be curious about their needs and goals, and to capitalize on the skills she had already demonstrated working with previous clients.

Turning it Around

Two days later a potential client called and in that very QUICK call she signed them THAT day.

She said “the conversation was so natural – I just felt like I KNEW what to say, that I could help them.”

She’s now out confidently working her business and talking up potential clients.

I’m excited for her – if we could create that change in less than an hour – the growth she will experience in her business when we coach 1:1 in the coming months will be explosive.

Mindset isn’t just fluff, and it isn’t just saying positive affirmations until you’re blue in the face or your brain completely rejects them as untruths.

If you’re interested in discovering the lies your brain is telling to sabotage your results, let’s get on the phone for your free consult.

We’ll talk about your goals and challenges, and the real mindset problem that’s holding you back in your life or business.

What thoughts and beliefs are holding you back in your business? Do you know what they are or are they hiding in the background? Comment below. I want to know!



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