How We Misuse Our Goals: Are You Practicing Goal Abuse?

How We Misuse Our Goals: Are You Practicing Goal Abuse?

How We Misuse Our Goals: Are You Practicing Goal Abuse?

Everywhere I look I see how we misuse our goals.

Far too often we use goals wrong: as a way to beat ourselves up rather than a direction for growth.

I – personally – know this pattern well.

I’ve set so many goals before.

Taken some action.

But then allowed fear in one of its many forms to take hold…(even if I didn’t realize or experience it as fear)

Sometimes perfectionism.


Obsessive planning of the perfect strategy.


Analysis paralysis.

And all this feels 👏 like 👏 shit 👏

Who WANTS to keep doing that indefinitely?!

Quitting to Avoid That Awful Feeling

So we retreat.

We distract ourselves from taking action.

We decide to fail ahead of time.

We quit.

We rationalize why.

We find reasons why it was okay to let ourselves off.

Making Up Stories

We tell ourselves we never really wanted it anyway, or the goal was completely unrealistic and impossible.

And then, we take the self abuse up a notch and create stories about ourselves.

About what we are (and aren’t) capable of.

About being a failure.


Not ___________ enough.

That we are fundamentally flawed, something is broken… there MUST be a way I haven’t found to fix it.

The truth is that the solution isn’t outside of you. It’s about getting rid of your toxic relationship with goal setting.

What Goals Are Really For

It’s about realizing that goal setting is made up to serve us.

Goals provide direction for growth.

Growth isn’t supposed to be comfortable, but it most certainly never works when we spend so much time beating ourselves up rather than taking action.

We will always shy away from growth, turn our backs on goals when we assign so much self-inflicted pain to the process.

Goals don’t have to be that way.

We don’t have to misuse our goals any longer.

Goals can be fun.

They can be accomplished with ease and, even FUN.

With certainty in your ability to grow into the person who achieves the goal.

I know what it’s like to want to strive for more but get caught in this awful, painful relationship with my goals.

I’m a recovering goal abuser and you can become that person too.

Are your goals serving or abusing you? Comment Below. I want to know!


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