My Annual Birthday Vision Exercise

My Annual Birthday Vision Exercise

My Vision Exercise is My Favorite Birthday Gift

I just completed by annual birthday vision exercise because today’s my birthday!!

I don’t usually make a big, public display of it.

I usually allow it to fly mostly under the radar (although in my teens and 20s I was keen on celebrating my birthday week in glorious fashion).

BUT, it’s my last year in my 30s so I’m going to fucken celebrate the shit out of it before I enter the next big decade of my life.

Leaning into Vision

This year as I completed my annual birthday vision exercise I realized that  having a vision for my life was the first major step I took in creating my YES life.

The first step in creating profound, lasting change.

In creating more joy and peace in my life.

Because I decided I had to do something different.

I had to make change.

I couldn’t keep living the default life of anxiety, anger and disappointment in myself.

It helped me leave a career I was miserable in.

It helped me crawl out of a deep pit of nothingness and own my worth.

It helped me regain my health after more than a decade of chronic illness.

It helped me make peace with my past and finally heal from childhood trauma.

If you want different results in your life you must be intentional and create them for yourselves. 

The Benefits of Purpose

Which means you must create clarity of vision.

Clarity and vision allows to make the commitment to change.

And commitment helps you create burning desire.

From burning desire you’ll take massive action.

I know how lofty and unattainable this might sound when you’ve been feeling lost for awhile.

I was totally there.

But I found a path and made it work.

I help clients use these same tools and exercises to do this for themselves.

I know it works because I’m living proof…and so are my clients who are digging deep and committing to living their YES lives.

Check out this video I recorded for my 39th birthday vision…and in the video I’ll offer you a gift for my birthday.

Because as a life coach there’s no better gift that I can give than the clarity of vision.

You want a better life, a different life.

You want freedom, peace and contentment.

More love and joy.

Expanding into your potential.

This is how it starts. Check it out. 

What’s your vision? Or, what’s holding you back from having one? Comment below, I want to know!! 


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