Our Brains LOVE a Global Crisis…

Our Brains LOVE a Global Crisis…

Our Brains LOVE a Global Crisis…

Our brains evolved to scan for danger, which can lead us to fixate on crisis.

The problem is that we spend a lot of time WORRYING about the future and not LIVING in the present.

So a great way to find some peace AND be in the present moment is to intentionally create a list of:

1) things you know to be true

2) things you are grateful for

3) what is going right in your world right now.

For me they all fit into the same list, but you can make one or more list, depending on how your brain wants to organize it.

When we give our brains evidence that there’s good in the world it will help them calm down and find some peace in the present moment.

But this doesn’t happen on purpose.

Especially not during the constant stream of bad news during a global crisis.

Carve out some space to find what is going right, what you can be grateful for, the things you know to be true.

Revisit and add to your list when brain wants to be panicky or negative.

Are you curious about my list? Here it is: (You can even borrow some of the things if you want)

1) I am safe.

2) I am healthy.

3) I have electricity. A roof overhead. A super comfortable bed. A stocked kitchen and pantry.

4) Clean fucking water.

5) We are in a financial position to weather this storm.

6) I am loved. I have people to love.

7) I have dogs.

8) The sun is finally shining in Germany and the sky is blue AF. People are outside living their lives even though the borders are closed.

9) Birds are still chirping.

10) I can appreciate the pause.

11) Worry is a choice. So is doubt. So is love. I will keep reminding myself to choose love when my brain starts to worry.


What’s on your list? For reals, make and share it!! Comment Below. I want to know!


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