Perception: You Perceive What You Believe

Perception: You Perceive What You Believe

Perception: You Perceive What You Believe

Nothing like an international move to help smack me right in the face with perception.

It’s been a crazy couple weeks of minimal internet as we moved into our home in Germany and have been awaiting internet service, which was turned on yesterday (WHOO HOO!).

It was a long 10 days without it!!

We’ve been using loaner furniture and dishes and borrowed linens in this mostly empty house.

We’re hoping to get our things delivered before Christmas, but our next update won’t be until 12/7, if we are lucky.

But we’ve been hitting up Christmas Markets to keep ourselves distracted in the meantime 😉


How We See Things

Being in Germany has really made me think about perception.

Thoughts and beliefs are a filter for how we perceive the world. 

I’ve had a stark example lately: the difference between miles/kilometers and the temperature being in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

Everything is in kilometers or Celsius and my brain hurts – it’s very aware that neither make much sense and I find myself trying to reinterpret that information back to miles or Fahrenheit. 

These labels are really just thoughts and beliefs that shape how we see and understand the world around us. 

How we relate. Is it cold outside?

The decisions we make.  It looks sunny outside, that seems like it would be warm. 

The actions we take. I’ll just leave my coat at home. 

The results we get. I was cold all damn day. 

I never chose to use the Imperial System.

It was passed down to me. Taught to me in school. By the culture I was born into.

I didn’t know any better.

I didn’t know there was a different way to understand the world because those beliefs about distance and temperature defined how I saw it.

I never questioned whether they were real.

Or the only truth.

Is it right? Wrong? Empowering? Disempowering?

Luckily with distance and temperature it’s neither.

Question Your Understanding

But what thoughts and beliefs have we inherited, never questioned, blindly accepted into our lives that are having more detrimental effects? 

I can choose to use a different framework.

Life will certainly be easier for me if I choose to start using the metric system.

I’ll understand all the signs, without having to convert them, relating them back to miles/Fahrenheit.

It will be awkward, confusing, uncomfortable at first.

But with practice it will be my new way to perceive the world.

Eventually there will be less resistance, friction, hesitation.

Results will be easier to obtain.

What thoughts and beliefs shaping your world might be causing resistance, friction and hesitation?  Comment below. I want to know!


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