Powerful Self Care: It’s No Longer Optional It’s Absolutely Necessary

Powerful Self Care: It’s No Longer Optional It’s Absolutely Necessary

How Do You Care for Yourself?

There’s so much wonderful goodness going on around here.

This past weekend nearly 30 women joined me for the Favorite Things Mother’s Day Luncheon in Brigham City.

It was such a beautiful event, can’t wait to share the pictures.

I was honored to hold space for these women while they took a break from life and gave themselves some “me time.”

Crappy Self-Care Beliefs

Too often we believe that self care is selfish. 

But when we don’t take care of ourselves first we often are trying to care from everyone else from an empty cup.

Which makes us anxious.








Is that how you want to show up for others?

Taking care of yourself first is the most selfless thing you can do. 

You feel better.

You’re more grounded.

You feel worthy.

You make better choices.

You get better results.

How you treat yourself teaches others how to treat you.

It teaches your kids how to treat themselves.

Self-care is more than just pampering.

It’s about the small, daily, consistent actions you take to care for yourself in mind, body and spirit. 

Self-care is self love.

What would life be like if you honored yourself daily?

If you prioritized your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs FIRST?

If you practiced radical self love?

Ditch the Push Back

I usually get a lot of push back about this.

I don’t have time. 

I don’t have the energy. 

Everyone in my life is expecting me to take care of them first. 

So I wrote an e-book for all of these excuses.

It’s called Powerful Self-care in 5 Minutes or Less.

Surely you have five minutes you can spend on yourself.

Or you can make it.

Click the image below to get your free download!


How’s your self care practice? Comment Below! I want to know!! 


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