Probability Thinking: How We Allow Past Results to Dictate Our Future

Probability Thinking: How We Allow Past Results to Dictate Our Future

Leaning Away From Probability

Probability is one of the most limiting games our brain likes to play.

Our brains like to lie to us and tell us that we are rational creatures.

That we make decisions solely with logic.

But everything we do in life is to feel or avoid feeling the emotions that we attach to experiences.

And once we have experienced failure or heartache we so desperately try to avoid it.

So we think in probability.

How probable is the negative outcome, the painful one that might make us feel bad.

And the desire for certainty makes the probability odds that much more important.

The Trouble with Certainty

There’s so many experiences in life, so many goals and dreams that we don’t pursue because we can’t envision a certain outcome, the probability is low due to viewing potential results through the results of our past. 

Many of my clients WANT a better life, a different life, better results…but they look to the past and don’t believe they can achieve different in the future.

They allow the person they were to dictate the probability of a future outcome.

But what if you started to believe that a different outcome was possible…even if your previous results prevent you from thinking more or better was probable?

That’s the shift that you need to make if you want to create a YES life.

You need to shift into possibility. To make decisions as your future self who has already created the result.

Possibility Allows for Change

Because change requires you to grow into the person who can achieve it.

And the person you were in the past isn’t that person and shouldn’t be responsible for dictating your future.

Shifting into possibility creates the space for change. If you only think in probabilities and certain outcomes you’ll continue to live a default life.


How has probability thinking been holding you back from your YES life? Comment, I want to know!!


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