Understanding the Role of Fear

Understanding the Role of Fear

do you need protection?

Fear evolved as a form of protection.

Our brain is a beautiful, complicated organ.

We spend too much time giving it all our power.

We over identify with our thoughts and think they are truth.

Which is such a huge problem since Survival Brain rules with fear.

An Important Role

Sometimes my clients tell me they wish they could remove fear from their lives entirely.

I don’t recommend this.

Fear has an important job.

Fear’s job is to protect us. 

But in the absence of huge life-threatening dangers in modern life, Survival Brain’s fear seeking instinct makes us find fear where it doesn’t need to exist.

Our brain’s default mode is fear, and thank goodness otherwise our ancestors would have been far too comfortable in that cave.

They would have never survived the tigers.

But now you can use your Human Brain to override this flight-or-flight response.

Growing your self-awareness you can lean into the initial feelings of fear and explore their purpose and necessity.

Ask yourself: How is this fear serving me?

Limitless Life Exercise

An incredible, life changing practice is to start asking yourself “Do I need protection from this?” when you experience fear.

Here’s some really great journal prompts to answer in order to start checking in with yourself and your fears.

  • What am I currently afraid of?
  • Do I need protection from this?
  • Do I need to be afraid of this?
  • How is fearing this helping me?
  • What do I want to feel about this instead?

Answer the prompts, without judgement. Just free write and explore your fears. There’s no right or wrong answer! Self-awareness is the first step in creating change.

Comment below if you’d like some feedback on what you found.

How is your brain backfiring and trying to protect you from things that aren’t really danger?  Comment Below. I want to know. 


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