Where Confidence Comes From

Where Confidence Comes From

the truth about confidence

Confidence is a beautiful thing, it inspires action and feels fantastic.

How often do you feel like you have to be awesome or perfect in something to feel confident?

It’s a trap that we allow ourselves to fall into, because we don’t know the truth about self-confidence.

The truth is, that feeling confident is not created from competence – from doing or achieving. It is created from our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves.

Want to feel confident? Think confident thoughts.

Confident Thoughts Produce Confident Action

Confidence does not come from your actions and results.

It does not come from the acceptance of others either.

Self-confidence is created by your thoughts.

Garbage Thoughts Trash Self Confidence

If you have garbage thoughts like:

“I suck”

“I’m such a failure”

“I can’t do that”

“I always give up”

“They’re all going to laugh at me”

…guess what?

You’ll never create the feeling of self-confidence that way.

You will never show up confidently.

You will never create the result you desire with that line of thinking.

An Exercise for Choosing Confident Thoughts

What are some confident thoughts that you could try instead? 

Getting to know yourself and what’s going on in your brain is the very most important step to creating your own YES life.

Check in on your experience.

First write down the recurring thoughts you have about yourself.

Circle the thoughts that you believe help you feel confident.

Then cross out any thoughts that hinder your confidence.

Now, think of some specific areas of your life that you’d like to feel more confident in.

Brainstorm some confident thoughts for each area.

Now start practicing those thoughts each day. Post them where you will see them regularly. Set a timer on your phone to remind yourself to think a confident thought.

Email it back to me if you’d like some feedback on what you found!!


How would your rate your confidence in life?  Comment Below. I want to know. 


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