Self Doubt and Mediocrity

Self Doubt and Mediocrity

How You’re Choosing a Mediocre Life

Indulging in self-doubt is really just settling for mediocrity. 

Let that sink in.

“Settling is no fun. It’s a malignant habit, a slippery slope that takes you to mediocrity.” – Seth Godin

I’m not sure you’ll ever get to the place where self doubt doesn’t creep in.

Fear Brain Prefers Mediocrity

Our survival brain’s standard operating procedure is to rule with fear, and self-doubt is one of the way fear manifests.

But I believe there’s a point where you can identify self-doubt as it tries to creep in, acknowledge and release it before it leads to mediocre results in your life.

You learn to recognize it’s there and get curious about the thought that’s behind it.

To find the belief that causes you to doubt yourself, to not take action, and end up with mediocre results.

Here’s some of the top ways that self-doubt shows up in life: 

  • Making excuses in your life
  • Not asking for more
  • Not believing you deserve it
  • Knowing what you want but not going after it
  • Choosing to maintain the status quo rather than push through the discomfort of change.

Self Doubt is Only a Belief

The cool thing about beliefs is that they are only thoughts you’ve repeated to the point that you don’t realize they are a choice any more.

And if a you get to choose which thoughts you give power to, why pick such a disempowering thought?

You can choose to doubt yourself.

Or you can choose to have faith in yourself.

Faith in your ability to become the person who does the thing.

Confident in your ability to figure it out.

Belief in your ability to become that person.

So if you’re going to make a choice, why not make the conscious choice to think empowering thoughts instead?

Are you willing to be brave so that you don’t drift to mediocrity? Comment below! I want to know! 


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