Starting Over: Being a Beginner Again

Starting Over: Being a Beginner Again

Starting Over: Being a Beginner Again

I’ve found myself starting over, forced to be a beginner again now that we’re in Germany.

Are you guys sick of hearing about my move to Germany yet?

I sure hope not because if you stick with me, I promise there’s some good limitless life nuggets for you in here.

The thing about big changes or big goals is that they cause all of our unhealed shit, our work still left to do, to bubble to the surface. 

I’m noticing how and where my brain is trying to freak out about it in rapid, all encompassing fashion here in Germany.

And I see how this is such a great analogy (or is it metaphor? Maybe both? Definitely not a doctor of English) for any big change or goal you have for your life and/or business.

I’m growing into the woman who lives in Germany with ease.

I didn’t come here as her (I was born and raised in California in case you were wondering).

I’ve never lived here before (if only previously living in Italy would help me now!).

Hadn’t learned the language or the culture in advance (that was a silly decision).

So each and every day I navigate the discomfort of being a beginner again. 

I’m happy to report that this week’s trip to the grocery store only took about 2 hours rather than 3 (y’all, google translate is awesome and all, but words for things in grocery stores don’t always match up! And don’t even get me started on how the stores are arranged 😂).

It’s Not Failing

Our brains don’t want us to be the beginner.

They try to lie and say there’s something wrong with us if we don’t know, have to ask, figure it out.

To not experience the pain of being a beginner we often stop changing. 

Setting goals.

Dreaming bigger.

Or we procrastinate.

Allow perfectionism to sink in.

Tread in the waters of self-doubt.

Talk ourselves out of the change.

Fail ahead of time.

Quit before we start.

Our brains are sneaky and cleverly disguise our lies.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you find yourself nodding, seeing yourself in these patterns.

You’ve just allowed your brain to be in charge, rather than leading it through the discomfort of change.

In what areas of your life are you resisting being a beginner again? Comment below. I want to know!


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