LIE: I Don’t Have Time to Take Care of Myself

LIE: I Don’t Have Time to Take Care of Myself

LIE: I Don’t Have Time to Take Care of Myself

I’ve heard the like “I don’t have time to take care of myself” so many times that my eyes might get stuck in the back of my head on their next eye roll.

I just can’t even  with this one any longer.

We all have our excuses.

👉Momming hard.

👉Wife-ing hard.

👉Careering hard.

👉Boss-babing hard.


I get it: You’re busy taking care of everyone else. 

You have no time.

Over committing to all the kids activities, PTA, carpools…

Taking on more projects, clients, busy work…

Saying yes to every request of your time and energy like that *might* just be what’s the answer to that unsettled feeling you have inside…

Until you get to the point where you feel awful, resentful, exhausted. 

You look in the mirror and hardly recognize yourself anymore.

You buy into the lie that there’s just no time to take care of yourself…

And if only the people around you would give you some of your time back by offering to help.

If you only hustle hard enough you’ll finally be able to slow down and take care of yourself… arriving at happiness…finally. 

A Familiar Dance

I know her.

I know that hustle.

I felt that desperation to finally locate happiness.


I realized the trap in thinking there wasn’t time to take care of me – that the hustle is where I would find my solution. 

A Small Change IS Enough

When I help this women the first push back is there’s no time for her to take care of herself.

It’s almost as if the brain defaults to taking 100% of her time back for her – that all or nothing is the only option.

What if you simply gave yourself 25% of your energy back to your relationship with yourself? 

Ten percent?

Five percent even?

It’s a start!

What if you took back some of that energy you pour into relationships and give it back to you?

How would your life change?

For my clients they realize how much better they get at truly showing up for their people in that 75% energy space.

That they are more effective and loving rather than resentful and exhausted.

A Surprising Solution

Another surprising way she finds more time for herself is by reallocating all the energy that was invested in worry, anxiety, and fear. 

How much time do you waste on worry, anxiety and fear?

You could invest that energy into improving your relationship with self.

Our brain lies to us.

You don’t have time for you.

But the truth is that you are the only person not showing up for yourself because you’re scared of what you might find… that you are doing it wrong because you’re just not happy…

I love helping my clients walk this back quick.

It might have taken years, even decades to get here…

but in just a few short weeks they leave this exhausted, resentful, frustrated, lost woman in the past for peace, contentment, and freedom.

Have you fallen into the lie about not having time to take care of yourself? Comment Below. I want to know!


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