The Best Investment

The Best Investment

The Best Investment

What investment are you making for your future?

How are you investing in your brain?

We invest in our brains all the time. We just don’t think about it that way.

When we buy books, workshops, programs, certifications and even degrees….

It’s because we want to strengthen our brains.

We do it to improve the quality of our lives.

Think about a college degree.

We earn them to get a good job, make more money, have a better quality of life.

I know I invested A LOT OF MONEY for three degrees (and all the interest paid on those student loans too).

I thought my degrees would finally make me feel smart. Accomplished. Worthy.

I remember the day I completed my doctorate.

I could not earn a higher degree, yet, I still didn’t feel smart.

Didn’t feel accomplished.

And was far from feeling worthy.

I STILL felt like a fraud with a terminal degree.

I invested more than $100k in my brain …and while it did help me with my career deep down I didn’t get the TRUE ROI (return on investment) that I hoped for…

Where You Should Invest

The TRUE quality of life improvement in the form of my emotional space.

When I found coaching I realized that this was the investment in my brain that I needed all along.

Coaching offered me a way to change my internal emotional space.

To invest in my brain in a way that WOULD and DID help me to finally feel smart. Accomplished.

And best f*cken of all WORTHY.

There’s few things worse than moving through life feeling like nothing you ever do, nothing you ever accomplish will be good enough.

Now I know that I don’t have to search outside myself to feel how I want to feel.

Now I don’t have to listen to the incessant chatter of my inner asshole (who used to be sooooooo loud).

Now I feel at home in my own brain.

I know peace.

I know joy.

I know contentment.

I know freedom.

Investing in coaching is the BEST INVESTMENT I have ever made (so much so that I now spend more on coaching in a year than some people spend on their cars).

I invest in myself.


Better than 401ks.

Better than stocks.

Better than my 3 degrees.

I will ALWAYS have a coach because I have a survival brain that will create mental and emotional chaos.

I am committed to living in breakthrough.

To growing and becoming a stronger better version of myself.

To constantly improve my relationship with myself and the humans who surround me.

How have you invested in your brain? Did you get the ROI that you were hoping for? Comment below. I want to know!


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