The Talent Trap: You Either Have it or You Don’t, Right?

The Talent Trap: You Either Have it or You Don’t, Right?

Talent…you either have it or you don’t right?

You’re born with it.

There’s a finite amount of talent in this world.

Some people have it.

And the rest of us can just settle for mediocrity because we’re the unlucky ones in the genetic lottery.

These are some amazing lies that our brains love to tell us.

Lies that we accept.

We don’t challenge.

That keep us stuck.


“Society’s myths leave us all genetic victims. Passive and powerless. How can we create ourselves from that position?” – Steve Chandler

But what the talented rarely offer up (or maybe we do but we just don’t listen because it doesn’t fit the lies our brain’s dishing up) is that talent is created through practice.

A lot of practice. Discomfort. Relentlessness.

We want to believe that talent comes easy so that we don’t have to work. 

So that we don’t have to show up on repeat and push through the suck.

So that we don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Because, in all honesty we might fail.

So it’s easier to accept the lie.

Remain powerless.

Play the victim of the genetic lottery.

Wishing and wanting for more but never using our innate ability to create it.

How have you bought into the lies your brain tells you about talent? What could you create if you were willing to embrace practice?  Comment Below. I want to know!


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