The Truth About I Can’t

The Truth About I Can’t

How often do you find yourself saying “I can’t?”

I can’t do this, that…all or any of the things.  

Can’t implies the inability to do something, the impossibility, the lack of skill or knowledge.

Rarely are we ever in a position where we can’t. Most often we are in a a position where we won’t. 

Your “can’t” is usually just unwillingness wrapped up in a limited belief that’s holding you back.

I Can’t Is a Lie

Think about dancing. It’s really not that hard to move our bodies. With talent and practice we become better at it, but to dance in general, we are all perfectly capable of movement that can qualify as dancing.

All the time people say “I can’t dance” when really they should be saying “I won’t dance.”

Behind all of the ‘I can’ts’ are merely ‘I won’ts.’ The ‘I won’ts’ mean ‘I am afraid to’ or ‘I’m ashamed to’ or ‘I have too much pride to try, for fear I might fail.” ~David R Hawkins, MD, PhD

Behind our “won’ts” is pride. And fear.

If we try we may shine light on our shortcomings. Because if we try we might fail.

Defaulting to “I can’t” protects us from the anger we experience when we let ourselves down.

We believe “I can’t”  prevents the pain in having others perceive us as incapable.

Look over your life. How many things do you lie and tell yourself that you can’t do? And if you shine an honest light on those, how many are on the list because you’re unwilling? 

There may be some legitimate items on the list that you are incapable of doing but those are further and farther between.

Owning Your Won’ts

Replacing “can’t” with “won’t” is one of the fastest ways to uncover limiting beliefs and unhealed emotions that are holding us back from a limitless life.

Own the real reason that you say you “can’t” is because of unwillingness rather than incapacity and you will begin to set yourself free.

Who would you be if you let go of the fear of not succeeding? Comment below, I want to know!

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