Turning Off Autopilot: Where Are You Headed?

Turning Off Autopilot: Where Are You Headed?

Turning Off Autopilot

How often do you catch yourself drifting through life? Going through the motions? Feeling like you might just be living in Ground Hog day with Bill Murray? Is it time to start thinking about turning off autopilot?

I’m back from vacation and have been digging deep into the planning and content creation for the 2020 Vision Quest Coaching Masterclass.

I am so ridiculously excited…I know it’s going to be truly transformative for participants, and I’ve been celebrating for the 12 people who have already signed up.

So, it’s no surprise that the importance of vision – and turning off autopilot – has been on my mind lately.

We get so wrapped up in the day to day overwhelm that we rarely take time to slow down and make intentional decisions about our lives. 

The Importance of Intention

We function largely on autopilot and Survival Brain loves us for it.

But if we want a different quality of life, we must make different decisions.

We must slow down to speed up.

Taking some intentional time to check in and create a deliberate vision is the first step to creating a different outcome.

Which your Survival Brain will try and trick you out of doing, because change is uncertain.

Survival Brain wants to avoid uncertainty at all costs.

But here’s what is certain about autopilot: you’ll continue to feel like you’re wasting your potential, living an unfulfilling life, wanting more. 

And you absolutely deserve it.

But you have to do something different than the norm to get it.

You must turn off autopilot.

You must call on awareness – for how you’re currently living and where you would like to be.

What needs to change? How can you close the gap?

You need to make different decisions, and make them as your future self – the version of you who has already created the change.

What area of your life could use some new or different decisions? Comment below. I want to know!


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