T with Dee: Now Brewing

T with Dee: Now Brewing

Now Brewing: T with Dee!!

Welcome to the FIRST EVER T with Dee!!!

I love, love, love the intro for this new video series:

Welcome to the first cup of T with Dee where we’ll be drinking in some big life truths along with some tea (that’s probably coffee, and may even be wine because this is a judgment free zone friends).

In this video I explain just what the heck T with Dee is, a little about who I am, and provide a quick Limitless Life Truth.

This week, we’ll talk about how you need to take ownership for your life, and why it’s absolutely worth it. Check it out!

I’m super excited to launch this new video series and drop some limitless life truths each week. These are all ideas and concepts that I work with my clients on. And I know that more people can benefit from learning these limitless life truths.

Do you feel like there’s a bunch of limits in your life? Check out this video and see what this brew is all about.



Remember: You only have one life. Take ownership for making it better. Don’t wait for anyone else to do that for you – they have their own life to worry about! When you take ownership you accept your power in making it better. So very worth it! Because, if you give the power to someone else to make it better it means you also give them the power to make it awful too! Take control of your happiness by taking responsibility for this one, awesome, beautiful life that you were granted.


Did you finish watching the video? Comment below and tell me what you thought about what I’m now brewing for you!! I would love to hear your thoughts on this week’s Limitless Life Truth.



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