What Are Your Beliefs?

What Are Your Beliefs?

it all starts with a thought

Beliefs are the most powerful component for creating a YES life.

A thought is just a sentence in your mind.

A belief is a thought that you’ve repeated in your mind enough that you forget that it was even a choice.

The only thing holding you back from your YES life is that you don’t believe it’s possible for you. 

The Importance of Beliefs

What are some of the beliefs you have about yourself?

What are the labels that you’re using to define and limit yourself?

What do you believe is possible? that you’re capable of?

The most important work I do with my clients is to dig up the subconscious beliefs that are running the show.

The beliefs that are making them feel bad and either not take action or even choose self-sabotaging action.

The beliefs that are getting them results that are far from what their desired YES life looks like.

The Beliefs – Emotions Connection

Creating new beliefs changes your emotional space.

Changing your emotional space inspires different action.

And taking different actions creates different results.

Too often people want change and skip straight to changing their actions.

It works for awhile, but rarely does that strategy create sustainable, lasting change.

Because the underlying belief will always win.

Change Requires More than Taking Different Action

Look at how many people believe they [hate working out / will always be fat / never finish what they start / nothing ever works for me] but start going to the gym at the new year because their resolution is to lose weight.

And look at how many of them quit a few weeks into the year once their willpower has run out.

Start with the belief first and then you can take willpower completely out of the equation.

What’s a belief that isn’t serving you? Comment Below! I want to know! 


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