Creating a YES Life: A Life Full of Purpose & Passion

Creating a YES Life: A Life Full of Purpose & Passion


Can I tell you how much I LOVE what I do?

Each day I wake up to help busy folks create more peace, joy and freedom in their lives.

How rad is that?!?

And the deal gets even sweeter when members of the Limitless Life Tribe share how they’re creating their own YES lives.

What’s a YES Life?

It’s that ideal life where you can say yes to all your heart’s desires; your secret wishes, dreams, and ambitions, and finally stop continually questioning their possibility.

It’s a life where there’s no limitations – no mental, emotional, physical, financial barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals. It’s your life, without limits!

Kim’s Story

Like my client and friend Kim.

She is a rockstar guys.

Kim’s YES life includes strong, healthy relationships with her husband and kids.

She has been desperate for more connection with her kids, but didn’t realize that connection isn’t created from the sidelines. 

She hadn’t been meeting her kids where they were at because of insecurities.

They were in the pool. She was on the deck worrying about what she looked like in a bathing suit. I’m sure you can relate.

Until this summer.

Now she’s in the pool, splashing, creating memories with her kids.

She’s laying under trees reading with them.

She’s jumping on the trampoline laughing her ass off.

And she’s enjoying her childhood favorite Rainbow Sherbet from Farr’s Ice Cream…


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Creating Your Own Limitless Life

What are you saying YES to in order to bring you closer to your YES life? 

Getting to know yourself and what’s going on in your brain is the very most important step to creating your own limitless life.

Download and fill out the Limitless Life Assignment  (7.8.19 yesisms) to see what you should start saying YES and NO to in order to create your own limitless life.

Comment below if you’d like some feedback on what you found!!


How are you saying YES or NO to all the wrong things?  Comment Below. I want to know. 


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