Your Future Self

Your Future Self

Your Future Self

Your Future Self is you, in the future.

It’s up to you to determine how that future will be.

Will it be a default future, more of the same ol, same ol?

Or will it be the future of your daydreams?


Most of the time we don’t take action toward what we want because we don’t believe it’s probable for us to make the change.

We don’t believe it’s possible.

We don’t want to feel the potential disappointment of failing in the future. So we trade it for playing small now, giving up a little bit of ourselves and what could be. 

You know that unsettled feeling.

That feeling of being unfulfilled and wanting more.

Anxious that you’re not living up to your potential.

What if the change was given, what would you do differently now?

But what if the positive outcome was inevitable?

What if I waived my magic wand and told you that without a doubt, you would achieve that thing you desire.

That your future self is living in the gloriousness of that change.

How would you make decisions today if you knew that change was inevitable rather than seemingly impossible?

How could making decisions as your future self change everything for you?

Who would she be?

She probably would play bigger.

She would say YES more, or at least yes intentionally to the things that helped her get closer to her dreams.

She would take the risk.

She would lean into the discomfort.

She would go for it.

Because she knew that without a doubt she could create the result she desired.

Because she knew that she deserves to crave her life.

What if the change you desired was inevitable? How would you show up differently? Comment below. I want to know!


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